Top 5 Best Console Games – Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

In this article we will present you with Top 5 Best Console Games. We will review the games in our short, sweet and to the point style, since we intend only to spark your interest for them. The article will, as always, be completely spoiler free.

Keep in mind that the games we are presenting you are not ‘all time bests’ since that would be one hell of a long list. Instead we decided to focus on the newer games, ones that you would say are ‘trending’ right now.  The list relies on our opinions, since we think these five games are the ones that deserve most of your time. The order of the list has nothing to do with the quality of the game, each game has it’s good and bad sides.

If you are a die-hard PC gamer we suggest you skip this article and go straight to our Best PC Games of 2017. While some of these can be played on PC, this article was constructed from a POV of a console gamer.

So here we go, these are the best games you can play on either Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch game systems:


Tekken 7

We’re pretty sure you’ve all heard of Tekken by now, but did you know the seventh game has been released? Even if you played it in the 90s or early 00s you’ll see that much hasn’t changed. And with Tekken that’s not necessarily a bad thing, in fact Tekken 7 is more fun and fluid than ever!

Most of the older characters remain playable, and new ones are added as well. Although some of the old characters have been deleted or replaced by new ones. For example there is no more Raven, you can only play as his female, waifu counterpart known as Master Raven.

Graphics are awesome, and considering this is played on consoles we must say we were pleasantly surprised.

The story mode is average, and tries a little too hard if you ask us, but hey, who plays Tekken for the story? Hoping we haven’t triggered a bunch of you with this statement let’s move on to the next game.



Overwatch is a multiplayer online first-person shooter that can be played across all game systems including PS4 and Xbox One. Since it’s release Blizzard has been expressing the desire to make it cross-platform but we have yet to see this idea come to life.

If you like FPS games that has rounds lasting about 15 minutes and are packed with action then you cannot miss Overwatch!

Similar to Team Fortress 2 Overwatch puts you in one of the two opposing sides, each side has six players. Depending on the map you are playing the objective varies. You have Escort game mode – where the attackers try to escort their payload while defenders try to stop them. In Assault both sides battle around control points, one side attacks while the other defends. Lastly Control has both of the teams fighting for dominance of a single control point.

While the game modes might seem simple enough you might be surprised by the amount of Heroes this game has. However, your playstyle is dictated by the Hero (or Class) you choose, since that choice determines your abilities and stats.

All in all this dynamic and action packed game is sure to grab your attention for some time.


Horizon: Zero Dawn

This game is a PS4 exclusive, meaning the Xbox or PC port isn’t yet created, it probably never will be. But some say getting a PS4 just to play this game is worth it as well. While we think this might be an over-exaggeration, this game surely has its qualities.

This game is beautiful. You know we often don’t claim this, but the graphics mixed with sounds create an immersive and captivating atmosphere. But being just pretty isn’t enough to be placed on our top lists, and you know it.

Besides general beauty, another awesome aspect of Horizon: Zero Dawn is the bow-and-arrow mechanic that this game offers. You play as Aloy, a young tribes woman and a skilled marksman. Besides being a pro with a bow, she can also draw her spear and wreak havoc. But the melee aspect of the game is significantly duller than the marksmanhip one. Maybe the games we played simply set the bar too high, who knows?

We won’t go on into details with this one since it is truly an unique experience you need to live through on your own!


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Rejoice Zelda fans, this is the latest game that is by far the best one that has ever been released! It can be played on Nintendo Switch or Wii U game systems, but we haven’t played it on the latter one. Which doesn’t mean we won’t.

As opposed to the earlier games, this time the biggest enemy you will face is Hyrule itself.  Breath of the Wild, more than any other installment in this franchise, grants you the freedom to truly go on an adventure! If we cast aside the times we got killed (like a thousand) in this game, it truly was an intoxicating experience. This game, if you ask us, is the main reason you should get a Nintendo Switch right now.

Featuring hundreds of hours worth of exploration and epic quests, beautiful scenery, we found this game to be really immersive. There are similarities between this game and Horizon: Zero Dawn, but each has a variation to a similar theme. If you enjoy Zelda games, good RPGs with open worlds like Skyrim and Witcher3, then this is a MUST PLAY!


Injustice 2

If you liked Tekken 7, you will like Injustice 2 as well. NetherRealm Studios did a really good job creating this awesome fighting game. Featuring dozens of DC’s heroes and villains this game is sure to end a decade long debate of whose favorite superhero is stronger.

The astoundingly good graphics, improved models and startlingly good facial animations are sure to help you immerse yourself in the story. With this in mind Injustice 2 has probably the best single-player experience that you will come across in a brawler.

Since single-player revolves mostly around heroes, you will have to jump onto the multiplayer to experience the villains. Some of the classics have been replaced, for example, Mr. Freeze is replaced by Captain Cold but some of the others did make the cut.

Favorites from previous games also make a glorious comeback with tweaked abilities and improved models.

In the end, whether you like DC or not, it doesn’t matter since this game, with it’s beautiful new engine and graphics, dozens of playable characters, very immersive storyline and a competitive multiplayer mode is definitely worth your time!

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