The Sims FreePlay Quests and How to Complete Them

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Quests are a huge, if not the focal objectives in The Sims FreePlay game. Other than making improvements for your home and living the life that you’ve always wanted to live, you will be dealing with and if everything turns out right, successfully completing all of these quests along the way.

Quests are great because other than providing your in game character with goals and interesting things to do, they also how to complete the sims freeplay questsreward you with various different items upon completion. Most of them will reward you with something useful upon completion and some of them will even provide you with a chance to win additional rewards. These quests will come with specific time frames and bonus objectives that you have to complete within that given time if you are to have a go at the bonus reward. If the quest does have a time limit, you can check the remaining time by visiting the Goal Menu screen where the remaining time will be displayed. As for the normal quest completion, you may take as much time as you need, it only relates to the bonus.

Most of the quests have a level requirement which has to be met before you are to participate in any of these quests. Some of them are chained together preventing you from finishing the late quest objectives if you haven’t completed the ones before it.


Get the most out of your game by completing various quests

Unless you have some miraculous way to get tones of money in this game you’re probably going to spend the most of your time trying to complete various quests in order to reap the rewards that they yield upon completion.

Because of that, I want to make the questing in this game as easy as possible for you but at the same time enjoyable. That’s what I’m going to list all of the quests that you should complete in this game in order to reap all of the useful game rewards that you are going to need as you continue further down the path.

What’s important to understand is that these quests have to be completed in order. This is what some more experienced players may recognizes “quests chaining” which basically means that if the quest has 10 parts, you will have to do all of them in order starting from the first one and finishing with the last one. Simple enough, right?


The main quest

Undoubtably, one of the most important quests that you want to complete in the game is of course the main quest. As the name implies, this quest should always be a priority. It is the one that advances the story and the progression of the game and at the same time the one that yields the best rewards upon completion.

If you want to complete the main quest, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Tutorial
    This is the part of the game is going to finish whether you like it or not. Fortunately for you, the tutorial itself is considered a part of the quest and it allows you to advance your progression the next part.
  2. Bread Winner
    In order to participate in this one, will have to advance up to level 6. Successfully completing this task unlocks you the cooking hobby which can be very useful throughout the game for various different things like earning simoleons.
  3. Money Grows on Treesgrow your money with lotus plant
    Sometimes I believe that the Sims have it way too easy for them. For example, completing this particular quest will unlock you the simoleons sprout as well is life points lotus plant which can be used to grow your own money. Pretty handy, right. In order to participate, you have to reach level 7.
  4. Love Is in the Air
    Unlocked once you reach level 7 and complete the previous quest from this list, this quest grant you the ability to marry your Sims with its significant other.
  5. Two and a Half Sims
    After the marriage it is time to start a family. This particular quest which you will obtain once you reach level 8 and successfully complete all the previous quests will allow you to have babies in your game.
  6. Ocean View
    After this one, you will gain access to the
    the beach side premium houses after hitting level 9.
  7. The Mysterious Island
    This adventure is a cool sounding quest that will give you the opportunity to visit islands and build monuments in order to get all kinds of different bonuses after hitting the level 10.

the mysterious island quest

  1. Riders of the Lost Artifacts
    To complete this quest you must scatter materials required and build the monument requested to proceed onward. This quest will become available shortly after you’ve completed the previous one.
  2. Need for Steedget a horse for your sims
    Stable in horses were always a big part of the Sims universe. With the catchy name as this one, your Sims can finally get a horse of their own. What you do from that point onward is completely up to you.
  3. A Quest for Toddlers
    Completing this one will provide you with the ability to raise a toddler of your own by unlocking toddlers for your game
  4. Going Swimmingly
    Swimming center and garden pools will be unlocked at level 13 after you’ve completed this quest after which you will get unrestricted access to them at any given time.
  5. Hidden Unicorn
    This will unlock the jumping hobby that your Sims might partake in from that point. Before you can complete this quest, you will have to level up to a level 14 and complete all of the previous quests in the correct order.
  6. In the Clubhouse
    Being toddler can be extremely fun and carefree. If only that was a real job. Well now it is, kind of, for you Sims at least because completing this particular quest unlocks the Toddler Playhouse Hobby for your sims.

unlocks the toddler playhouse hobby for your sims

  1. Preparing for Preteens
    At level 15 you get to complete the quest that will give you the opportunity to evolve your toddler to preteen ages which open up a whole new world of opportunities for your previously too young Sims.
  2. Sous Judgmental
    This quest will unlock you restaurants and if you manage to completed within the time limit of seven days, will also unlock the check outfit to go along with your new profession. So basically, the restaurant and his rent, food serving and catering. Could be fun…
  3. An Alien Concept: Weather Machine
    This quest will unlock once you hit the level 16 and the reward from it is a weather machine that allows you to manipulate the weather in your town. Additionally, the snow park becomes available to you if you manage to completed within seven days, you will get a snow outfit.
  4. Multi Story Renovationsreach level 17 and unlock this quest
    Unlocked at the level 17 this quest is one of the most important ones for every home decoration enthusiasts as it will allow you to add multiple floors to your previously rather horizontal house. But that’s not everything because if you complete the quest within six days you get an access to elevators as well as escalator packs.
  5. Teenagers
    Your preteens can now evolve to teenagers once they fulfill all of the requirements. You can do this after hitting level 18 and after you’ve successfully completed all of the previous quests. No special reward is available for this one so you are free to take your time.
  6. Higher Education
    As you have probably figured it out, this quest allows you to send your teenagers to high school. Before you can do this however you have to build the high school in your town as its omnipotent benefactor. Once again, there is no bonus prize for completing within a time limit so take your time, building the school doesn’t come quick or cheap.
  7. The Pirates and His Goddess
    Once you hit level 18 and complete all the previous tasks, this quest becomes available. If you manage to finish its you will unlock a partnership that can be used to trade with Pirates for all kinds of different goods. Make sure to have a teenager in order to be able to complete the quest.
  8. The Road to Fame
    Unlocked at the level 20, you become available to create a Teen Idol. Naturally, you will need one teenage Sim who can then become the teen idol. Choose wisely because you can have to, only one of your teens can ever become the idle. Additionally, if you manage to complete the quest within the timeframe seven days you will get premium instruments!

reach level 20 and create teen idol

  1. Adulthood
    You have 6 days to do this quest if you want to receive an expanded wardrobe with a new hair and clothes. However, if you fail to do this, you can still unlock the adulthood reward and advance your Sims into the next stage in their lives just without the fancy rewards.
  2. Ghost Hunters
    As you probably already know, you can become the ghost hunter in The Sims FreePlay! To do that, you must complete this quest which unlocks at level 22. After successful completion, your Sims can become ghost hunters!
  3. Seniors
    After the adult comes the senior. Six days are given to you to complete this quest if you want to get exercise bike is a reward as well. Failing to do that will still provide you with the opportunity to make your Sims seniors as well as bring other seniors into town.
  4. Bird Feeding
    Quite a popular pastime for seniors. Once again, you are given a time limit of six days to complete this quest which will unlock you your personal pets bird. Quite contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a senior to feed the birds, your adults can also take care of this task.
  5. In Stitches
    Another senior hobby, the quilting is unlocked upon successful completion of this quest. If you manage to completed within six days you receive a patchwork teddy bear that your toddlers can play with.
  6. Life Dreams and Legacies
    The final quest of the Sims FreePlay main quest! This one unlocks a whole lot of different things like the ability to build new places, pet parks, arcade saloons, beaches, carnivals and other things upon completion.
    Remember that you will have to sacrifice one of your Sims in order to complete this quest because the goal here is to die and complete lifecycle.
    Completing this quest within five days (and I suggest you try to do this) will give you the
    Singing Salamon which when interacted with will increase your Sims inspiration. This is a pretty handy thing to have and I would suggest you try to get it.


The Sims FreePlay quests – Conclusion

And that is pretty much it. I have originally planned to include all of the quests, not just the main ones into this overview but I quickly realized that is not an easy task. However, I’m not completely ruling out the possibility of doing that, I am merely postponing it.

I want to hear what you guys think about this first and let me know if I did that job right. If you feel like I’ve left out some things, I would like to know which ones those things are so I can improve what I do and rewrites all of this. Also, I would like to know if there is another quest line or a specific quest that you would like me to take a look at and “put on paper” so to say.

Until then, read what I’ve written, study it and enjoy the game. And of course, I hope this short overview helps you rise ever higher! Curtis out.

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