The Sims FreePlay House Designs Guide. Ideas for a Themed Home!

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As you already know, the Sims FreePlay is all about creativity and imagination. This game and famous for its life simulating elements as well as the ability in depth in which it allows you to imagine and customize your house.

Every single home in the Sims FreePlay (as well as any other Sims game) can be built from scratch. Even though you might not own a house at the beginning, eventually there comes a time where you have to think about getting one of your own. To do this, you will need to acquire a lots on which to lay the foundations of your new home. So basically this is how it goes:


  1. You find an empty lot and purchase it to gain access to all of the options that the game has.
  2. You begin construction of your home from the bottom to the top laying the foundations of your house placing the flooring and building walls to separate different areas of the house.
  3. After this, you only have to customize the rooms that you’ve created. Basically, you have to give your rooms a purpose and decide where you’re going to sleep, where you’re going to eat and where you’re going to do what we do where we don’t eat.

house interior in the sims freeplay


The house design in the Sims FreePlay is up to you!

From this point on, the possibilities are endless and it is only up to you and your financial possibilities how the game develops from this point on. You can build your home anyway you’ve imagined. There are literally hundreds of possibilities and it is arguably one of the most interesting aspects of the Sims FreePlay.

You may style your home any way that you want and for as long as you are able to keep up and purchase themed accessories and furniture, your home will start developing according to a concept that you have made and pictured in your mind’s eye.

And don’t let the money bother you. There are multiple ways to farm game currency is easily and quickly without losing too much time and without too much of a repetitive work. I’ve talked about this earlier and I’ve even gave you an option to get a lot of simoleons as well as everything else that you might need in this game absolutely for free.

Make sure to finish the “Real Estate quest” before you get serious with you home decorations!

There is a specific request in game that unlocks one of the best things in the game. The so-called “Real Estate quest” will occur at a specific point in your storyline and will unlock a very cool prize upon its completion.

Up to this point, you can only purchase nonpremium lots which are basically used for starting the game and building a small house.

On a premium lot however, you can build a really, really big house.

If you’re someone who wants to have a mansion rather than a studio to live in, you should try to complete this particular quest before you start investing any real money into your house.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you be able to sleep on the streets until this happens. Having a house at every point in the game is important and the most important thing is that your Sims feels happy in this house. This affects your overall life points gain, it translates to the way that everyday chores are being done and it is overall the way to go when it comes to pretty much anything in this game.

make sims feels happy in the house


Here are some fresh house ideas for The Sims FreePlay to get you motivated!

As I have said, the limits are pretty much nonexistent and where there’s a will, there’s a way. The Sims FreePlay is great at giving the players all of the tools that they need to build their dream house. To show you what I’m talking about I’m going to list a couple of really cool House designs that I have found in this game and liked quite a bit. Of course, I’ve have looked into these things so I’ll be able to explain what you need in order to get them and what exactly are you getting for your money.


Skateboarders house

This is definitely one of my favorite houses. Is very unique and I love the idea of having a skateboard ramp in my yard! With this house, you are definitely getting what you’re paying for even though it costs life points. However, one glance at this house and you can already tell that there are lots of expensive items in it most of which have a three star rating.

get skateboard ramp in your sims freeplay yard


The only problem with this house is that it only has one floor by default. However, this is The Sims FreePlay and you can easily add an additional level to your house if you think that you need it.

The good thing about it is that there’s not too much going on outside and you can easily remove the trees and expand your house for as much as you want to. It is a perfect home for a single Sim or a young couple but if you get a family of four to live here, it could get a little bit crowded.


To get this particular house you will have to cash out 28 life points for the standard version or 32 life points for the premium house.


The medieval castele in The Sims FreePlay!

I don’t know what more can you ask for beside your own personal medieval castle! In The Sims FreePlay is possible to get your personal fort. It has a very interesting and unique shape meaning that the layout of the rooms is quite different from the rest of the houses that you can find in this game.

This particular house looks and feels like something out of place and definitely something that you won’t be expecting to see in a modern themed game. Luckily, The Sims FreePlay was never an ordinary game and it always allowed you to have your way with things meaning that if you want to live in something that resembles a space station, you can probably do it so why not build a medieval castle of your own?

build your own medieval castel

I especially love the amount of details that went into the creation of this house. So for example, you won’t find any TV sets in this particular house. If you’re looking for some entertainment, a good old chess table will have to do it because, there were no TVs in the medieval. On the other hand, it would be nice to have an ice room rather than a fridge or some brimstone oven rather than the modern hotplate one that kind of ruins the atmosphere.

Oh and by the way, if you want a super immersive feeling of medieval concept, you can also wear costumes that match your house’s theme!


Medieval castle costs 21 life points but, if you want the premium version, you’ll have to spend an additional four making it 25 life points in total.

It only has one floor (that you can always add another one) and comes with no car. I almost wish if they added chariots just for the sake of this house.


The Sims FreePlay house design in home ideas – Conclusion

As you are able to see from the two houses that I’ve listed here, this game truly allows you to get creative and build a residence that you have imagined in your head. There are no limits, you can practically go with anything. New content is constantly being added to this game as it is the tradition of The Sims games with the exception that this time around, you don’t really have to pay for it because it’s a free game.

Of course, there are other things that you can pay for and that you pretty much have to if you want to make a significant impact on this game but, let’s not worry about that too much because we all know that there are workarounds and certain things that you can do to make your gameplay experience much smoother than it has to be.

Anyway guys, that’s all from me for today’s post. I would like to hear your opinion on this particular text that I’ve written. I want to know if it’s good or if it’s atrocious. Please don’t hold anything back as I’m looking to improve my craft meaning that all constructive criticism is welcome.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them. I will read as much of them as I can and try to personally reply to any of you who might have questions.

So in the meantime, keep building those houses, design your homes as best as you can and of course, keep rising!

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