NBA 2K18 Tips, Tricks and Everything You Need to Know About MyPlayer

There are most definitely things that you can learn about this game. You can’t just stroll in casually into the game expecting to know everything about it straight off the bat! It is a process and you have to learn the ropes one way or another. You’re either going to do it organically on your own, simply by playing the game (this is also what I do for most of the games and play) or, you can always ask somebody like myself who went down that road more than once and is capable of providing you with some facts about the game and shed some light on the mechanics, tips and tricks as well as useful strategies.

The last time I touched on the topic of NBA 2K18 I talked about the MyCareer mode and how you can get the most of it by following a set of rules and performing specific actions at specific times. Nothing too shabby and nothing too complex yet, very useful and rather helpful for players that don’t know their way around the game just yet.

This time however, I want to focus solely on a single aspect, an entirely different aspect of the game. This time, we’re going to talk about MyPlayer and see what exactly can you get from this game mode and how you can use that to your advantage. First things first however…


What is MyPlayer mod of NBA 2K18?

In order to be able to understand MyPlayer, you have to understand what this mode is all about. First off, the MyPlayer is sort of a sub mod to MyCareer.

When it comes to MyCareer, it is a mod that received quite the overhaul compared to the last year’s release that was NBA myPlayer mod in NBA 2k182K17 by adapting a more free-form experience and allowing for a lot more freedom and player input. It became pretty much seamlessly integrated with MyPark as well as the Pro-Am with the introduction of the The Neighborhood , which functions as the semi open world social hub-like area where you get to take a stroll through the neighborhood, see what’s going on around the block and participate in various activities around.

All of this helps you feel like a part of something bigger, something living and ever-changing. Even though this is not necessarily the case, at least the illusion of this feeling is a pretty nice thing to have and it definitely felt good while it lasted for me. All of these features as well as the Road to 99 (another addition to this year’s game) are there to help you grow and develop your character the way you want, do what you like and of course the way you see fit.

And this brings us to MyPlayer. This game mode that revolves around your player and solely focuses it is at the very center of the happenings here. It doesn’t matter that it is basically a sub mode to the whole MyCareer thing that’s been going around for quite a while (just like MyPlayer has). Despite that fact, MyPlayer is still “a game of its own” and will require understanding and patience to master or it can get quite overwhelming and hard to keep up especially if you are a newcomer who chose to start the NBA 2K with its latest annual installment.

This is why I’m going to provide you with tricks that I figured out myself as well as to let you in on what works and what doesn’t in NBA 2K18’s MyCareer as well is the MyPlayer so that you can maximize your experience and as well as the fun factor in efficiency during your matches.

Picking up the archetype – choosing the role that you want to play.

I’ve already covered all of the archetypes in detail during my previous write in about the NBA 2K18’s MyCareer mode. You can find the in-depth archetype guide here, on Rise of Gamers if you search for NBA 2K18 guides, tips and tricks.

Pick up the archetype in NBA 2k18This time however, I want to take a look at it from a slightly different perspective. I’m not going to go into the details however, I’m going to give it a look from the entirely different perspective than I did the last time. Since this is a guide for the entire mode, I’ll assume in that you know absolutely anything when it comes to archetypes of the NBA 2K franchise.

Why is an archetype important? Well, it defines the role that you want to play. It governs your initial statistics and furtherly cements your choice that you’re going to stick with for the entire game. Once you choose what you want to play, there is no turning back, you cannot change it and you cannot start over other than well, actually starting over from the beginning of the game.

There is an astounding number of 189 archetypes in NBA 2K18 in total. Each of them has their own stats cap as well as a wide array of badges to earn and choose from. Now it suddenly becomes clear why I said that the game can be quite overwhelming for newcomers. However, don’t let yourself be confused. As huge as this number appears to be, it is actually very logical and within just a couple of minutes you will be able to understand the principles behind it allowing you to pick the role that you want to play with ease, without having to worry about 189 possibilities which you most definitely should not right at the beginning.


What you should know about you players attributes?

If you are unable to find a specific attribute on the attribute screen, don’t worry about it. Not everything will be shown there. Some of these attributes are basically hidden and won’t be shown on the character stats like for example your free throws rating. This is one of the attributes that is hidden by default and if you want to be able to see it and follow its progress, you’ll have to fiddle with the menu for a little bit before unraveling this one as well as other attributes that are hidden initially.

Furthermore, you might be wondering what does the cell with a white mark on it mean? You will notice these particular cells on some of your attributes depending on the archetype that you’ve just picked. This is the capacity, basically meaning that you won’t be able to upgrade that specific skill past the block filled with the white color. Well, not initially at least…

It is possible to come back later and raise the stats once you’ve reached 100% with your Cap Breaker by performing specific tasks. There are multiple things that you can do to increase your Cap Breaker level like for example:


  • Playing basketball matches
    It doesn’t really matter where you play. MyPark, Pro-Am as well as NBA matches will all contribute to your Cap Breakers overall level increasing it ever further.
  • By performing great plays during play ends you will also fill your Cap Breaker.
  • During the exercises in the gym it is also possible to contribute to your cap Breakers overall development as well is by completing drills at the Team Practice Facility.


So, don’t worry about those white blocks just yet. You will have plenty of time to work on your cap breaker and increase those statuses beyond their normal values. What you want to do now is to train and exercise with what you got so it’s probably a good time to hit the gym!


Frequently visit the gym with your player in NBA 2K18!

A specific gym that you want to take note of is the Gatorade Training Facility of NBA 2K18 which will reward you with something unique whenever you perform a couple of exercises in its area. You’ll be rewarded with the energy drink whenever you exercise and once you get enough of these energy drinks and hit 100% on the Gatorade meter you will unlock more stamina for your player allowing you to sprint and perform more dribbles during your games without actually getting tired as quickly as you use to before you got the energy drink! This is pretty handy, but that’s not everything there is to it.visit the gym with your player in NBA 2K18

An additional reward to that you can unlock as an added bonus to your stamina is the Quick Reflects badge which is awarded by participating in and completing the Gatorade Reaction workouts. It’s not an easy task but it’s not impossible either.

To be precise, you’re going to need 6000 points before you will be awarded with the Quick Reflexes badge. I actually managed to get it in just 12 exercises by achieving the perfect workout results which contributed 500 coins towards my Quick Reflexes badge progress. Easy when you know how, right?


MyPlayer development and character improvement in NBA 2K18

There are lots of ways to improve your character. There are even more ways in which virtual currency or the well-known VC (as we are used to call it) can be invested towards improving your player in MyPlayer mode.

This is probably the biggest letdown of all of them. The virtual currency’s grip on this year’s release of NBA 2K is stronger than ever and you can feel it like, quite literally feel it (even though you can’t really feel it, it’s just a saying).

Virtual currency for VC is extremely important for character development!

But that doesn’t change the fact that the virtual currency, the so called VC is one of the best ways in which you can improve your character in MyPlayer as well as in every other game mode that there is (and there are quite a number of them).improve your character with VC

Spending your hard earned virtual currency is the best and the most effective way to improve your character even though the VC itself is pretty hard to come by unless you are willing to spend some more of your real money and invest it towards your character development through the micro transactions that this game most definitely has a lot of.

But I’m not saying that the VC is strictly reserved for the wealthy and willing, oh no. There’s pleanty of it to go around and the 2K development team made sure that everyone can get their share of the stuff. Of course, some methods are more fruitful than the others like for example straight off glitch exploitation that will most definitely net you the largest amount of virtual currency in the shortest amount of time possible.

Obtaining VC in NBA 2K18 can be hard but it’s rewarding and worth it in the end!

But that’s not everything, there are of course legitimate ways in which you grab some virtual currency for yourself. Simply by playing the game and participating in various activities around the world (around the block, to be more exact) you will be rewarded with some free virtual currency. Well, it’s actually free because you still have to earn it, but it is free in a meeting that you don’t have to pay for it with your hard-earned money.

For example, just participating in various matches throughout the game is basically your bread and butter for earning virtual currency. 500 virtual currency will be rewarded after every match you play regardless whether you win or lose. You can read this number even higher by giving it your best and performing exceptionally throughout the match as well as by assisting your teammates.

You should note that the virtual currency bonus multiplier that was available in the previous games for those of you chose to play the game on the hardest difficulty is no longer available so you might as well roll with the normal or even easy difficulty if you’re looking to gain easy and quick virtual currency and don’t really care for the challenging aspects of the game.

What you can do instead is to increase your stats is much as possible and then try to participate in many Pro-Am as well as Park matches this game has to offer because the rewards the from these matches are based off of your stats as well as your teammate grade. It is a nice way to manipulate the game into giving you some more virtual currency to sate your needs.

Getting an endorsement contract can also help you with virtual currency drop rate to try to get the best contract possible and take a good look at all of those shoe manufacturer contract before signing any of them. This can easily make a difference between earning hundreds and thousands of virtual currency per match!

I talked about this before, but I’ll just briefly mention it once more.

  • If you have the MyNBA 2K18 app for smart phones, you can earn some additional virtual currency easily. Up to 600 VC can be obtained through the phone application on a daily basis.
  • The weekly 2KTV shows are also a valid option to get some additional virtual currency. Usually between 400 and 600 VC will be obtained this way by participating in various activities.


You can find more information about VC farming strategies on our website if you search for NBA 2K18 VC so make sure you do that if virtual currency is what you need and, let’s be honest, we all need it.


Try to practice as much as possible and make yourself a routine!

I stand by my statement that virtual currency is most definitely the fastest way to evolve your character so to say an increase his proficiency with pretty much everything basketball related this game. But it is not the only way.

I’ve mentioned the Quick Reflexes badge a while ago. That is not the only badge that you can get in the game. These badges will improve your characters performance in specific disciplines and during all different kinds of scenarios. However, these badges can be tricky to obtain, some more than others most definitely. In order to get a specific badge, you will have to perform necessary requirements that can be anything from special maneuvers to completing a series of different tasks which isn’t necessary if you option to improve yourself by spending virtual currency to increase your stats.

practice as much as possible and you will be awarded with a badges

For example, you will have to shoot contested shots which can be quite challenging to do during matches especially if your character isn’t really skilled in that particular aspect and / or has rather low attributes that contribute to that specific skill. However if you do succeed, you will be awarded with a Deadeye badge which is quite useful and most certainly will be for the rest of the game.

What you can do to make it yours is to perform these maneuvers in the Team Practice Facility rather than trying to do them during a real match. And you know what, this is how you should approach pretty much every badge that allows you to obtain it this way. Simply open your menu and select the badge to try and get and try to fulfill its acquisition requirements without any pressure on yourself.

Some drills allow you to pick up specific skill drills which are that specific exercises and scrimmages. These skill drills present you with the fastest way to obtain and improve your badge increasing its level. This whole exercise will consist of solely focusing you on the badge specific maneuvers so be prepared for quite a bit of repetition.

Pretty contrary to this practice, scrimmage drills allow you to level up numerous badges at the same time in a lot more relaxed matter by performing general practices just like you are playing a regular match so keep that in mind.

Just so you know, you cannot spam the practice drills whenever you want, no. Before you can participate in a total of three drill matches, you will have to attend an NBA match first. And don’t think that you can farm these drill match attendances because you cannot. They do not add up and you cannot save them for later. You cannot have more than a total of three of them so, if you are trying to get those badges and are focused on improving them, attend a practice drill after each and every NBA match by returning to Team Practice Facility.


NBA 2K18 MyPlayer Tips – Conclusion

And that’s about it. That is as much as I can tell you or, as much as I’m willing to share, hehe.

Jokes aside guys, you know I share everything with the community, that is my “job” after all. It is been an absolute pleasure to share everything that I’ve learned with you so far and I’m looking forward to doing it even more in the future.

So help me out, all right? Let me know what you want to hear about or to be more precise, let me know what you want to read about. I will happily write whatever you guys want to see on Rise of Gamers whether you ask for it or not, but if you ask, you have greater chances of seeing exactly what you want to see so what I’m trying to say is, help me help you.

Also let me know if I’ve missed anything and if it’s not a bother, leave a comment saying how I did. Was there anything I left out? Was there any information that was not completely true? Did I state something completely false? I most certainly hope I did not but if I have, do let me know! I welcome both praise and critics alike because they both help me improve what I do just like reading  it helps you step your game up.

Until the next time we meet guys, read those guides, improve your game, step it up and of course, do not even think about forgetting to risie ever higher!

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