NBA 2K18 Badges and How to Get All of Them

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When it comes to NBA 2K18 there is always some way in which you can improve your character. We have covered a lot of gaming tips and strategies for this game when we talked about NBA 2K18 MyPlayer tips as well as MyCareer tricks and strategies.

Believe it or not, this is one of those games that you can always talk about. One of them that is never quite understood completely and one of them that always presents you with an opportunity to hone your skills even further whether it’s by increasing the statistics, mastering new techniques or simply evolving your top process and play style as a player of the game, not an actor of it.

The last time that I wrote about it, I touched on the various aspects of MyPlayer and explained how different roles and different actions might define your character. During that article, I’ve made a short mention of badges and explained how these accolades can help you improve your character in various different ways.

This is one of the better ways to improve your character that surprisingly doesn’t require the use of virtual currency which the game heavily relies on. Of course, getting a large amount of virtual currency through the VC generator is still considered to be the absolutely fastest way to get what you want from this game. On the other hand, badges are 100% legit and don’t require anything other than your time and skill to get them.

 win all badges in nba 2k18 game


What exactly are badges in NBA 2K18?

Just as I’ve told you, the badges are accolades or, trophies and achievements if you want to put it that way. However, unlike trophies, these badges actually have a purpose other than for the bragging rights.

The badges have been broken down across a couple of categories in order for you to better understand which play style the badge will contribute to because these badges, other than allowing for the bragging rights will also improve a specific aspect of your gameplay by adding permanent benefits to your player depending on the badges that he has earned so far.

We categorize these badges like this:the playmaker in nba 2k18

  • Inside shooter
  • Outside shooter
  • The playmaker
  • Athleticism
  • Rebounding
  • Defense


Naturally, depending on which type of badge you earn, it’s going to boost a specific aspect of that particular play style that the badge’s category falls under. If you’re not quite sure what all of this means, don’t worry.

I have compiled a list of all the in game badges available to the player, put them inside their representative categories and explained exactly what you need to do in order to get them as well as which particular benefits will you get after you obtain that particular badge. So without further ado, let’s dive in into the deep world of NBA 2K18’s badges and let’s see what you can do in order to get those precious little trinkets that will greatly improve the way you play the game.


The Inside Shooter specific badges

These badges will contribute to all of the skills relevant to the inside shooting or the “inside scorer”position. To obtain these badges you will have to perform actions relevant to this particular role which will in turn boost the efficiency and allow you to perform those skills with more accuracy, speed and ease but also allow for some completely new things and tricks to be pulled off.


  • Acrobat
    In order to acquired the Acrobat badge you must do 15 reverse layups as well as 5 change shot layups during one particular season.
    This badge will allow you to attempt to shoot difficult shots as well as to change those same shots in the air.
  • Tear Dropper
    If you make 50 floaters throughout the duration of a single season you will be awarded with the Tear Dropper badge.
    After you’ve obtained in the badge your floaters as well is runners will become upgraded merely by possessing it.
  • Putback King
    Should you manage to score multiple putbacks, you will get the Putback King badge which will improve the awareness of your player during the time he spends around the basketball after the offensive rebound.
  • Pick and Rollerdrop stepper badge in nba 2k18
    You may get this particular badge by executing one hundred pick and rolls during a single season. In turn, owning a badge such as this one will improve the offensive awareness of the roller player during a pick and roll sequences.
  • Relentless Finisher
    Onec you get the Relentless Finisher the physical hits on contact shots will no longer impact your energy capacity as much as they used to before yu had the badge. All you need to do to get your hands on it is to attempt 75 contact layups and get this badge rather useful badge for yourself.
  • Drop Stepper
    You must execute thirty drop step moves to get this badge.Getting it will improve drop step in the post of your player increasing his performance and making the game that much easier for your.
  • Dream like Up and Under
    All that needs to be done is for your to attempt 50 up and under shots, again during a course of a single season. If you do that successfully, you will be able to get this badge and improve scoring from this specific move that I have just mentioned.


NBA 2K18 Badges for the Outside Shooter

The outside shooter (also known as the outside score) is not her position that comes with a set of badges crafted solely for it. Just like the previous one, these badges will improve certain aspects of your gameplay if you manage to pull off a specific criteria required to obtain these badges which you can proudly display and adorn your character with once you manage to get them.

As for how to get them, here is a list of all of the badges as well is the actions that will unlock them for you.


  • Corner Specialistoutside shooter badge in nba 2k18
    You need to score a total of twenty five 3 point shots during a single season if you want to be able to acquire this badge which will improve you 3 point shooting when you are positioned in a corner of the play field.
  • Deep Range Deadeye
    If you manage to successfully hit one hundred deep range shots during the time that the ball is being contested, you will get Deep Range Deadeye badge which will improve your players deep range shot success chance.
  • Limitless Range
    For as long as you manage to hit fifty long-range shots, and you get to do it before the hash mark, you will unlock Limitless Range badge that will improve your players deep three percentage.
  • Difficult Shots
    Now this is a grindy one. You must successfully hit one to two hundred contested pull and hop shots. Achieving this particular milestone will improve your players tough shots off dribble hit chance.
  • Pick and Popper
    Scoring for a total of two hundred times as the pick and pop man will unlock the Pick and Popper badge which in turn improves the pick and pop play of your character.
  • Tireless Scorer
    Go against the odds and try to make a total of two hundred shots during the time that your energy bar is red. Doing this unlocks you the badge which will improve shot effectiveness during the time when your high energy has been spent.
  • Catch and Shoot
    If you make 100 scores during the course of a single season by catching and shooting to acquire, you will be awarded with the Catch and Shoot badge that will improve the percentage of standstill shots off the catch that your player makes.


Playmaker Badges of NBA 2K18 and how to get them?

Playmaker, a very important role in every ball sport and most certainly nothing less in the latest installment of 2K’s NBA game. Here are some badges as well as the obtainment criteria that will help you get even better than you already are at this valuable and very responsible role.


  • Anklebreaker
    Successfully land a total two hundred double moves that lead to a score during a single season to unlock this badge and ankle break an opponent while executing your improved dribble moves!
  • Flashy PasserFlashy Passer badges in nba 2k18
    A total of fifty flash passes in a season will unlock you the badge which will improve the way you are passing the ball to receivers.
  • Pick and Roll maestro
    Call for a total of 150 screens during a single season to get a hold of this badge which will improve the accuracy of your passes as well as shooting the ball off screens when you are initiating a pick and roll.
  • Lob City Passer
    To unlock this badge which improves the accuracy of your alley-oops you must execute a total of fifty of them during the time of a single season. Do that and the badge as well as it’s benefits are yours to proudly bear.
  • Dimer
    This is the badge for the best of the best support passers. You must get an astounding number of a total of 300 assists in a single season! Only after you have successfully managed to to that will you be allowed to adorn the Dimer badge and join the ranks of the most elite passers!


How to get Athleticism Badges and what do they do?

Even tho they are fewer in number than the rest of the badges, the Athleticism role and traits in NBA 2K18 should not be overlooked just like any other role! I hope that you will be able to grab them all quickly with the help of this listing. Let’s have a look at it, shall we?


  • Lob City Finisher
    Try to make 15 successful lobs during a single season if you want to get this badge. It will improve the accuracy when you are trying to slam home some alley-oop’s!
  • Posterizer
    Dunk at a rate higher than that of a defender with Posterizer! All you need to do it to make a total of 15 contact dunks during a single season in order to unlocks this badge and reap all of it’s rewards for yourself!
  • BruiserAthleticism badges in nba 2k18
    Become a NBA vampire and drain the energy of your opponents with your player’s physicality! They don’t get darker than this.
  • Brick Wall
    After you’ve executed one hundred screens and saved the point during a single season, you are practically a master of brick walling. The badge will be awarded to you and from that point on you are more effective when it comes to that particular practice.
  • One Man Fast Break
    Score one hundred times during a fast break in a single game season to get this badge. The badge will reward you by generally improving your player when you’re trying to execute a fast break. A pretty handy one to own in my honest opinion.


Rebounding Badges of NBA 2K18 and how to get them for yourself?

The first line of defense, a saboteur of the enemy team, the rebounders are the unsung heroes of the match, frequently overlooked and rarely praised for their critical impact on the course of the game. Not today and not in NBA 2K18! Here are the badges that will improve the way you “rebound” the course of the game in your favor.

Even thou this is definitely the smallest group consisting of only one badge, it should not be overlooked!Rebounding badges in nba 2k18


  • Hustle Rebounder
    Grab down a total of seventy offensive and another two hundred and fifty defensive rebounds if you want to get this badge. It will improve the aggressiveness of the player allowing you to chase rebounds more ferociously.

Defense badges for a more solid and defensive play

Offense is the best defense, yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that. But that does not change the fact that sometime you opponent will simply outplay you and you will be forced to defend yourself. For situations like those, the defensive badges can come in handy as they improve your defensive play. Check them out.


  • Defensive Stopper
    Pretty simple really, you have to land multiple good shot defenses but also stop the fast break and the good transition defense to decrease the effectiveness of the oponents offensive skills during a defensive match up play.
  • Charge Card
    All it takes for the Charge Card badge is to take the seven charges and it is as good as yours. Once you’ve adorned this particular badge, you will be better at taking the charge.
  • Pick Dodgerdefence badges in nba 2k18
    While using the turbo you ought to fight through the screens if you are to unlock this one. This badge will improve your ability to get around screens which allows for an improvement in defensive playstyle.
  • Pick Pocket
    Not what you might think. Fairplay comes first! For Pick Pocket you have to make an opponent to loose the ball for fifty times to get this badge which will then improve your ability to steal the ball from it’s handler.
  • Rim Protector
    Pretty self explanatory. It will improve your defensive awareness when sticking around the rim. All you have to do is to perform a total of eighty blocks during a season and the Rim Protector badge is yours for the taking.
  • Chase Down Artist
    You need to perform twenty five chase down blocks to get this one which will then improve the ability of you character to transition while simultaneously defending and stopping fast breaks.


Last but not least we have the Personality Badges

Since the game allows you to play the way you like and to act the way like closely bordering and sometimes even outplaying many RPG games, there are many personality badges as well to represent all those different personality traits that your player might’ve exhibited. Personally, I was surprised by the amount of personality badges you can have in this game. Here, have a closer look at them as well as the criteria for obtaining those.


  • Alpha Dog
    If you want to improve your overall leadership over your team, the Alpha Dog badge is what you will get. In order to do this, you have to increase your overall leadership and become the team’s highest rated player in the badge is as good as yours.
  • Clutch Performer
    This particular badge improves your capacity to improve in big games therefore its name Clutch Performer. You have to have an overall of over 40% in the final minutes of the game to get this one or you can get your player to an overall rating of 80 and it will grant you the badge.
  • WildcardPersonality badges in nba 2k18
    This badge can be either very hard or rather easy to get depending on your play style. All you have to do is to frequently change your play style and generally act rather unpredictable. Now, I’m not 100% sure if this is how it works, but it sure worked for me so there are good chances that can work for you as well.
  • Spark Plug
    Get an average of at least seven PPG over the course of 6 straight games and you will get the badge which will make your player more likely to get better when entering the game from the comfort of the bench.
  • Enforcer
    if you successfully perform ten hard and non-flagrant fouls in one season you will be given the personality badge of Enforcer. Other than acting is a stain on your CV it is also going to improve your physicality.
  • Floor General
    Have an average of 5 assists per game in a total of thirty games played and you will unlock the Floor General badge. This badge will improve the offense of your entire team when you are on the court. Now that is a personality to go for!
  • Hardened
    If you get an average of at least 80 percent of team’s overall minutes during the course of a total of 20 games, you are going to unlock the badge which will allow you to lose less of your skills when you are injured or fatigued.
  • Defensive Anchor
    once you raise your defender discipline to a total of eighteen and play thirty games in career, the Defensive Anchor will become unlocked. This is another great badge that the entire team will benefit from as it will increase all of their defensive awareness when you are on the court. Try to get this one as possible.
  • Championship DNA
    For this one to work you must win a championship. After you’ve got a hold of it, you will speed up the reaction time to double teams / play of your player during the playoffs.
  • Microwave
    If you manage to make your player “hot”during seven games, you will earn this Microwave badge that allows you to heat up faster than any other player of court.
  • Friendly
    Hone your relationship with your fellow teammates and become respected in adorned by your teammates to earn this friendly badge. It will affect the emotional reactions during in game situations.
  • Reserved
    basically the opposite friendly, reserved is earned by the players that aren’t really liked by their fellow teammates. Just like the previous badge, this one will affect the way that your teammates emotionally react to you.
  • Legendary Work Ethic
    Another badge that affects emotional reactions during in game situations. It is awarded to those players who work the hardest to achieve their goals.
  • All Time Great
    Now this one is pretty enigmatic to me but from what I understand and from what I’ve read around the Internet, this specific badge is obtained by maxing out a specific attribute(s) depending on the role that you’re playing. So basically, max out the attribute(s) that defines or play style for a chance to win this.
  • Low Ego
    More likely to value team success over self you will only have a tiny little bit more of field goal attempts then assists. The ideal ratio of this is two to one if you want to keep it technical. You have to do this and keep it like that for a total of 15 games.
  • Keep it Real
    I like this particular personality. It allows your player to deal much better with all kinds of criticism therefore keeping it real.
  • Pat My Back
    This is probably one of the joke personalities but nonetheless, the player with Pat My Back enjoys being coddled by his teammates as well is coaches. Of course, this allows for special emotional reactions during specific situations.
  • Expressive
    Expressive players say what they mean and they are not very humble when it comes to expressing how you feel about victory and other situations that call for a celebration. Don’t miss a chance to express your joy and happiness when it presents itself in order to get this badge.
  • Unpredictable
    I am not completely sure why this is a separate card. We have the wildcard personality already which is pretty much the same thing but somehow, they have made an additional card to clearly let everyone know that your player is very unpredictable.
  • Laid Back
    Available to all and every archetype in the game, the laid back personality is awarded to those players who take it easy, slowly and don’t stress too much about anything. Keep it cool guys.


NBA 2K18 badges guide an overview – Conclusion

And there we have it!

To be 100% honest with you, I don’t really like doing these kind of guides because it takes so much time to get all of these badges and try to figure out the exact interior required for obtaining all of those. It can get stressful sometimes it sometimes gets rather boring when you know it you have to get all of them just for the sake of research.

However, completing such guides is always a moment of triumph. When I look back at what I’ve written here and when I know that all of this is going to help someone, to help you to be more precise, it all seems worth the effort.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, thank you guys for being here with and for me and thank you for making these menial tasks much easier and giving me the opportunity to share them with somebody who is going to appreciate and put all of this to a good use.

Let me know what you think and let me know if I’ve done a good work compiling the badges and writing all of this down. Tell me five left something out or if you would like me to write some more of it. I’m looking forward to both critique and praise as it allows me to improve my work and serves as a “pat on the back” to remind me that I did good work and help someone along the way.

Until the next time, hunt for those badges, try to collect them all (just like Pokémon) and as always, keep rising ever higher!

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