5 Reasons why Monster Legends is Better than Dragon City

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To everyone who played both of the games it is pretty clear that the two are somewhat similar and in fact have a lot of things in common. Both of these games are centered around mystical and magical beings, that much is true.

However, both of these games no matter how similar at the first glance are in fact much different. I have played both Dragon City as well as the Monster Legends and I found the latter to be if not superior then at least a game subjectively better or simply more suited to my gaming tastes.

A lot of people have asked me what I think about these two games and if I was planning to compare them. I guess this is my comparison. I will be listing top five reasons why I found Monster Legends to be the superior game to Dragon City.


#1 – The sheer variety of monsters

First off, we have all of these monsters where Dragon City focuses solely on Dragons, Monster Legends introduces us with all kinds of different monsters to play with. For me, this makes the game much more imaginary and fun to play. You can see that the developers were very creative and that they put some time into thinking out and breathing life into all of these imaginary creatures where Dragon City follows a formula that quickly gets boring, at least in my case it did.

You can get all different kinds of monsters simply by playing the game. At the very beginning you are not limited to using one type of creatures, you can actually choose what to use and how to progress on worked.

This makes the game more Pokémon-esque and since I have actually enjoyed playing Pokémon games back in the day, it is a very nice and a reminiscent trip down the memory lane. Of course, nostalgia has nothing to do with this. It is a given fact that Monster Legends has so much more creature variety and that fact alone makes me prefer it’s a little bit over Dragon City.

#2 – Player is not passive during battles in Monster Legends

In Monster Legends you are allowed to interact with your monsters during the battles. During my tips and tricks article, I have touched on the subject of items in the game of Monster Legends.

In this game there exists a lot of different items that you can use during the battle. You will use these items in various different scenarios. You can pop healing potions to rejuvenate your monsters vitality and prolong its life for as long as it’s necessary.

But it’s not just about the healing items.

You can also use stuff like bombs and other offensive trinkets to turn the tide and inflict greater damage on the opponents that is clearly stronger than you. This is how you as the player are able to directly interact with the game and support your monsters when they need you the most.

This aspect of gameplay helped me create and form a more personal bond with my creatures which is something that I never got to experience in a game like Dragon City.

Just keep in mind that this aspect relies a lot on in game currencies like gold and gems which some players might have a problem with or are not as willing to spend them. If you’re having trouble with in game resources, check out this Monster Legends online tool to help you with all of your in game financial problems.


#3 – Monster Legends has bit more mature approach to monster design

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but, compared with Dragon City’s design, the monsters from Monster Legends look absolutely more monstrous. I mean these are the monsters that we are talking about, right?

Dragons are widely considered to be monsters and they should look terrifying. They are the stuff of nightmares and in the tales of old, they were usually associated with chaos and evil for the most part. Now, the game of Dragon City has a little twist and portrays dragons as as bad as you want them to be which is all fine and cool. However, it seems a wee bit too family-friendly for me to feel as immersive as the game of Monster Legends made me feel.

These are monsters, and in Monster Legends they actually look like what they are. Some of these designs are absolutely terrifying. At times seeing a specific monsters made me thankful for the games cartoony graphics because if they were made more realistic, I’m pretty sure that these things would be considered absolutely horrifying and that the game would have 17+ rating.

It is nice that the game can have both cute looking monsters as well as scarier ones. It is also nice the creature can start off as something that looks a bit weird but still cute for you to want to snuggle it and overlook the fact that when it grows up it’s going to be something that you’re probably going to evade when you see it.

This is a personal preference though and some of you might not agree with it however, this is my list. I’ve been asked what I think about it so it’s staying here is a number three.


#4 – Monster Legends has multiplayer!

Both games are about having a a lot of powerful creatures at your command. Only one of these games will allow you to battle with your creatures up against other people’s creations. This seems like a huge waste of potential in Dragon City.

While Monster Legends allows you to create a team and jump straight into the frying pan against some of the other players, Dragon City does not. Why this is the case? I honestly have no idea and the reason for such a decision eludes me. It’s not like the studio that put the game out is struggling financially and that they can’t afford servers or the developers to write a decent net code.

It is the turn-based game with a strong RPG mechanics present at it so a turn-based combat that can work with the simplest of codes and the most sluggish servers possible would more than do the trick for this game.

Monster Legends was aware of these facts and introduced its players with a super fun player versus player option where you get to test your skills against other players of similar level and rank to yours. It is a whole new layer and a whole new aspect that adds much more depth and pushes the players to constantly keep getting better and better as they are not facing scripted nonplayer characters but are in fact battling someone else out there who is just as capable as you are of everything and perhaps even more than that.


#5 – Monster Legends are simply more in-depth game than the Dragon City is

This is important to me. I love playing role-playing games, I always did. Monster Legends feels like a traditional RPG game with all of its elements where Dragon City falls short.

Everything is more in-depth and Monster Legends.


  • Your monsters have specific attacks that you can choose from depending on the situation.
  • There are cool downs and statuses governing the outcome of the battle.
  • Buffs and de-buffs are also present adding another layer of death to the already well done combat sequences.
  • Every single monster has its own special attack / signature move making you actually want to collect them all.
  • Nothing is final, monsters can always be upgraded even further by leveling them up, learning new special moves or even putting rooms to them to improve them even further.


Without really trying to put anyone down or god forbid offend anyone, Dragon City feels much more like children’s game compared with the Monster Legends.

Now of course, some of you are fine and would even welcome a more casual approach to the game while people like me prefer it to be as in-depth and complex as it can be because an RPG game should have a certain level of complexity no matter if it’s a console, PC or a mobile title. We know what RPG stands for and when you see a game that markets itself as an role-playing game, there is a certain criteria and expectations to be met.


Why is Monster Legends better than Dragon City – Conclusion

And there you have it guys, my top five reasons why Monster Legends is a better game than Dragon City. To state once again, both games are great and rather successful and both of these games are probably targeting different audiences.

If you are more into the casual, family-friendly concepts, there’s nothing wrong with going with the Dragon City. However, if you’re looking for RPG game reminiscent of Pokémon and similar titles, Monster Legends offers exactly that and you should get that one instead.

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed my article, that you have potentially learned something about the game and that you had a good time on Rise of Gamers. I will continue to write articles until the next time we meet and I hope they you will keep doing what you do best and that is to keep rising! See you next time gamers.

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