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Are you surprised to see another Monster Legends related post? I wasn’t joking when I said that the game has incredibly vast learning potential. One would think that after going through tips and tricks, talking about all of the habitats and temples there wouldn’t be that many things left to talk about in a single game. That one would be wrong because Monster Legends is definitely one of those games where you can always talk about new stuff and where there’s always something more to learn and improve on what you already know.

Because of that, I wanted to feature Special Attributes exclusively in today’s post and help the players to gain better understanding of this particular game mechanic. It is very important aspect of the game and if you want to master the battles and pretty much every other aspect of this game, you will have to be aware of the games many and meaningful special attributes.

Just in case that you’re not familiar and that you haven’t read any of the previous guides that wrote, you should know that the Monster Legends puts you in a role of an owner and trainer of some rare, powerful and extraordinary monsters. During the course of the game you’re going to feed, train and breed these monsters as well as well as do everything in between that that you can to make them as powerful as possible which will prepare them for battle sequences of the game that takes place in the arena.


monster legends wizardThe game will allow you to build different kinds of habitats and temples (which you can read about in detail in one of my previous articles) as well as to clear out parts of the game world including trees, rubble and meteorites in order to make it available for your monsters to live there. Most of the stuff will require some form of monetary compensation so, having as much of Gold coins and Gems is always something that you should strive to do. Of course, the game is free to play and resources don’t come easy or cheap but the mod apk allows you to change that rather easily.

Now that we have made sure that everyone is on the same page, let’s take a look at the reason that everyone is actually here and those are special attributes in the game of Monster Legends. Let us wast no more time…


The game features multiple levels to play through

Despite being a monster simulator game where you train and breed monsters to fight in the arena this game actually has an adventure mode where you are presented with a map to wonder around and battle powerful monsters around it. There are literally hundreds of level to play through in this game which is most definitely going to keep you occupied for a couple of weeks, months in fact if you take your time to complete all of the challenges that they have to offer.

And you’re going to earn cool rewards by doing this because every level completed successfully rewards you with either the experience points, different types of resources and the previously mentioned, hard to obtain in game currency’s. This means that they are well worth the time invested into beating them.

At the end of the every chapter which consists of five levels in total, you will get to battle with a boss monster. These boss battles are significantly harder and if you manage to win the battle in your favor, you’re going to be rewarded much more than you would for completing previous stages of the level without the boss fight so it’s always a good idea to do this and you should look forward to it.

different places in monster legends

The game has all kinds of different places and each of them has its own unique function and purpose!

It is very important to realize what you are doing because this is in fact a strategy game. Planning your moves a little bit up ahead is always a good thing to do and you are going to benefit from it in the long run so understanding the purpose of every structure in the game is final for your success. Let’s take a look at some of the game structures and their purpose in order to help us better plan our next move and develop a strategy that will take us as far as it can.


The farms in Monster Legends

The farms in Monster Legends

The farms are essential structures that allow you to grow food which is used to feed your monsters. These farms can be leveled up if you want them to increase their food production rates. Initially, when you first construct them, you will not be able to financially afford multiple farms and you won’t even have to have them. However, as the game moves on and you start breeding and obtaining more and more monsters in the process, more farms become a necessity and instead of going for normal ones like you did so far, you start focusing on “Big” and “Huge” farms instead because the normal ones simply won’t cut it any longer.


The Temples of Monster Legends

Temples are another one of essential structures in the game and they serve to increase the level of the monster that belongs to that specific Temple. Basically what you want to do is to make sure that you have a temple for every element in the game, or at least a temple for each elemental type of the monster that you currently own because different monsters require different temples and based on their elemental affinity, they can only benefit from the Temple aligned with the same element as they are.

I’ve already written an in-depth guide on Monster Legends temples so make sure to check that out to make things clearer for yourself if you haven’t already because this topic can be very tricky for newcomers.


The arena of Monster Legends gameThe arena of Monster Legends game

Of course, the arena is a place of battle as you might’ve already figured out. You go to the arena when you want to fight with other monsters and test your skills against other players in PvP battles from which you can earn quite a sum of in game currency and resources if you manage to defeat your opponent.

Skills players will find this method rather profitable but those of you that don’t really know what they’re doing are risking of falling short and being beaten by more experienced players and robbed of their resources and currencies in the process so, only consider the arena as a source of income if you absolutely know what you’re doing and have already played the game for quite some time.

It is not only necessary to understand your own monsters but also those of your opponent so going through the entire compendium and understanding every individual monster, it’s traits, abilities and elemental affinity should be essential knowledge when it comes to PvP arena battles!


About the habitats in the game…

Habitats are basically your monsters homes except that monsters don’t actually require the commodities that the humans are used to and they are fine with having a habitat instead of a “roof over their head”.

Basically the habitats are all about elemental affinity which means that if you have a couple of fire monsters, they can’t live on the nature monsters habitat and you will have to provide them the one that matches their elemental affinity if you want to be able to successfully own and keep monsters of that particular elemental affinity.

It also happens that I have went over this particular topic in the past and explained all of the things related to habitats. I would suggest that you read this guide if you are a newcomer and are looking to enrich your knowledge of the game and become better and more experienced at it.


Visit the Harbor frequently

The previously mentioned adventure map can be accessed from the Harbor. From this construction you will have an access to the map of the game as well as all of the details regarding your current game progress.

Do not overlook its potential and treated as a simple gateway to the adventure map for where you start your quest. The harbor can provide you with vital information that the observant player can use to strategically plan his or her course of action, revisit all levels to complete what was previously missed and generally complete the game at the highest possible completion percentage!


The breeding Mountain in Monster LegendsThe breeding Mountain in Monster Legends

Another one of the vital structures in this game, the breeding Mountain is a place where you can breed and create new hatchling monsters. In fact, you will be creating the eggs of these monsters through the process of breeding while the actual eggs will later provide you with a new monster after you place it in a habitat of its element.

If you happen to have a hybrid monster, you can place it in either one of the habitats so for example, hybrid of nature and fire can be placed in either the nature or the fire habitat providing you with the same results no matter where you chose to place it.


The breeding of special monsters and how to do it?

Possibly the most important and definitely one of the more interesting concepts of this already interesting enough game is the monster reading. As you might’ve already figured out, you can breed monsters of different elemental affinity’s and combine them together once they have reached a mature state in order to create even more monsters.

These monsters are called hybrids and they are generally always better than both of the species used in creation of the hybrid. They usually have the partial strengths of both of the species while mitigating their weaknesses to a more acceptable level. And yes, the hybrids are the preferred monster types rather than the “pure bloods”. However, there are especially “special monsters” that are considered to be the absolute peak of creation in Monster Legends.

These are the legendary monsters and getting them sure isn’t an easy task. Even “epic” monsters are pretty hard to get a are going to have to keep breeding your monsters over and over again before even the slightest chance of obtaining epic, or legendary ones if you are extremely lucky.

Because this is such a complex task, it is always a good idea to know what you’re doing to maximize your chances of everything going the way that you’ve planned.

The best thing to do here is to browse through Rise of Gamers and look for my monster breeding guide that I have published some time ago. That way, you get tips about the absolutely best monsters in the game and I don’t have to repeat myself.


Special attributes of Monster Legends game – Conclusion

And this brings us one step closer to summing it all up and having all of the useful guides about the monster legends game and one place. We’re still not finished however and I invite you to check back regularly and read my Monster Legends gold farming guide once I finished writing it. I’m not entirely sure how long it’s going to take me because this is not an easy topic to tackle and I will try to provide you with some pretty accurate numbers and tactics so it might take me a while before I finish it.

Be that as it may, you should study the guides that I’ve already published until then and try to improve your game as much as you can possibly in order to keep rising higher and higher!

Curtis out…


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