How to Make LifeStyle Points and Money Fast in The Sims FreePlay?

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We are talking about a game like The Sims FreePlay or any other Sims game for that matter, we are well aware that money is one of the most sought out things because money is when we all need in order to be able to proceed with our daily lives comfortably and The Sims FreePlay happens to be a life simulating videogame.

It’s no wonder that I found a plenty of requests to write about LifeStyle points and money in this game. To be more specific, I was asked on a number of occasions to provide a guide and some pointers that would help players looking to quickly and easily obtain both money as well is LifeStyle points the legit way. And that’s what I did.

I’ve been playing the game for quite some time now and just recently I’ve started a brand-new game from the scratch in order to try and maximize my money as well as LifeStyle points game and write down my thoughts about it and ultimately share it with the Rise of Gamers community.

And yes, to tell you straight away, it is possible to get both of these fairly easily. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have to work get money in sims freeplayfor them, because you most certainly will. These are shortcuts to these resources of The Sims FreePlay, not cheats for those. But if you’re looking for something even faster and that even easier way to gain money and LifeStyle points, things like The Sims FreePlay mod apk should be something for you to consider.

I’m not going to go over that again because there is an entire article dedicated to The Sims FreePlay cheats which you can find if you browse through Rise of Gamers. Right now, let’s focus on the legitimate ways in which you can get money and LifeStyle points fast for your The Sims FreePlay account!


Completing certain tasks will give you money and LifeStyle points fast!

Naturally, if you play the game and complete the tasks laid before you, you get rewarded. This is how it works and pretty much every single video game and The Sims FreePlay are no exception regarding this matter. What I’m trying to say is that simply playing the game and performing some of the tasks within the game, you’re going to get free LifeStyle points as well as money fairly easily and rather fast.

Here are some of the things that you can do to get what you want.


Inspire your Sims

Whatever you manage to inspire one of your Sims, they will earn more money (Simoleons) by completing everyday regular tasks.

Is fairly easy to inspire your Sims and one of the best and the fastest ways to do it is to try and give them what they want. To see what they want you just have to tap on a Sims whose needs you want to check and take a close look at the bars. So for example:


  • If the particular Sim is hungry, the best thing that you can do is to feed him. Tap on the fridge and give him the order to have something to eat straight away.
  • If your Sim is not actually enjoying himself, there are probably plenty of actions you can do around the house that will make be social in the sims freeplayyour Sim have a bit of fun and start enjoying his life a little bit more. Watch the TV, read a book or play on your computer.
  • If your Sim craves socializing, you can call one of your friends, chat through the computer or simply play with one of your pets that you might have around your house. All of these actions will make your Sim feel better and improve his or her social stat.
    If you option for interaction with other people in the game, try to “Be Funny” as much as possible because this particular action seems to be increasing the bar more than the other options available.
  • Consuming a cupcake that you can get with life points will instantly make your Sim inspired. And the alternative to this is to go to the nightclub and purchase a cocktail with your Simoleons. However, considering that this is a guide for Simoleons and LifeStyle points, I believe that this option won’t be as popular as the others.


Oh and, in order to be able to perform all of these actions and still have free time to do what you like, I suggest that you drink a lot of espresso. Doing so will increase your energy, allowing you to spend more time in the way that you actually want. Drinking a lot of espresso can actually completely nullify your need for sleep if you do it constantly!


Get creative, make some cool stuff and sell it for money.

For example, you can buy a stove and prepare some baked goods which can be sold for Simoleons. You can make cookies and pancakes at the beginning which will be good not just for generating income but will also improve your baking skills quite quickly and actually allow you to make and bake more complex stuff like chocolate cakes and similar.

However, earning a lot of money this way will require a lot of play time and a lot of patience but it is still a valid option for those of you looking to earn some money while being creative and crafty at the same time.

It is also a good idea to purchase multiple ovens if you want to increase the pace at which you are profiting from this. You don’t necessarily have to go for the most expensive tools / items if you don’t have enough money, but simply by owning multiple items will give you enough wind in the back to help you get there faster than you normally would with just a single unit of whatever you are using.

It is a 100% legitimate method and it is only a matter of time and your determination whether or not you’re going to get rich this way.

cooking recipes in the sims freeplay game

Cooking is also a very helpful skill to have for various reasons

Not only can you sell the stuff that you make and turn a quick buck in a couple of minutes, it can also be used to increase your Sims inspiration as well is overall happiness not to mention that you get to feed them practically along the way.

Cooking and baking are particularly nice skills (hobbies) to have and pretty much every Sims can learn these. All that is required for you to take either cooking or baking path is a stove or even a toaster which can be obtained fairly early in the game.

The more money and time it takes to prepare a specific dish, the more rewarding the process in numerous ways will be.


  • First off, it will sate your hunger
  • Second, it will increase your inspiration gain
  • Last but not least, you can sell it for an increased price


So yeah, even if you’re not a fan in real life, cooking as well as baking can be quite useful and handy to know your way around.


Get a dog and train him. They can dig up money and LifeStyle points in The Sims FreePlay!

What you want to do is basically what I’ve just written. Dogs can dig up LifeStyle points and money. It is very important get a dog and train himthat you remember to praise your pet after they bring you either LifeStyle points or money so that they learn and connect those two things with one another.

Training a dog in The Sims FreePlay is pretty much like training a real life dog. If they brings you the stick and you pet him, they are going to keep bringing you the stick every time you throw it because they know that there are going to get rewarded in their own way for doing so.

Cool thing that you can do is to buy a bone for your dog which will increase Simoleons as well as life points that your dog can get for you. Just remember that the bone will cost you two LifeStyle points which is a fair investment if you’re planning to get a lot of them this way. There are also some things that you should remember:


  • Your dogs price can be used as a reference to determine how good it is in obtaining LifeStyle points and Simoleons. The higher the price, the more effective your pet will be when it comes to these actions so, don’t go for the cheap ones.
  • Not every dog can dig. If your dog happens to be the one without the skill, you have to learn them how to do it. By allowing a toddler to play with the dog or by praising your dog with one of your adult Sims, they can learn skill. Repeating this action twice should be enough after which the dog will slowly walk away and usually return with an item of interest. Don’t forget to pet it when it does this.


Get a job and work for money and LifeStyle points.

get a job and work for money and lifestyle pointsPretty basic yet a pretty decent way to get what you want. There are numerous benefits to having a job, money is just one of them. Your Sims will have a lot of money if they work, and depending on the work they do. They will also get the chance to advance on the job and get promoted which will earn you an additional Simoleons income as well as experience points at the end of the day.

A lot of different goals can be achieved through getting your Sims a job and I generally suggest everyone to try and get at least something to do in this game. Just like in real life, job is easily one of the most crucial points in a person’s life.

There are so many career options in this game and it would be a waste not to experiment with some of them. Think of a dream job for yourself and go for it. Try role-playing with who you want your Sims to be and stick to that role. It can be a lot of fun and it will most definitely earn you money and LifeStyle points in large quantities.

The only downside of having a job is that it doesn’t leave you that much of a free time for other activities so it’s a compromise between a wealthy life and having a lot of time to do what you want.


Be a gardener in The Sims FreePlay to earn money and LifeStyle points quickly!

Gardening happens to be a valid way to increase your Simoleons and LifeStyle points gain in The Sims FreePlay. To be more specific, growing your own vegetables when they have fully matured is the way to do it.

Depending on what you’re growing, the amount of both Simoleons as well as LifeStyle points will differ. It goes without saying that the more expensive and the more exotic the seed is, the higher the reward will be for both of the resources. Be advised that gardening is pretty time-consuming just like having a job in game and that if you try to balance out and shoot for both of those LifeStyle points and Simoleons rewards, you’re probably going to fail.

be a gardener in the sims freeplay


One of the most successful gardening sessions that I had were most definitely the bell pepper seeds. First off, they are free and they only take 30 seconds to grow before they are ready to be sold. This process can be repeated indefinitely and besides being time-consuming and requiring your constant attention and presence, there are no downsides to this method.

What I would like to point out is that getting inspired and gardening under those conditions will increase your efficiency as well as boost your Simoleons on and potential life points gain so, as I have mentioned earlier, before you do anything, try to make your Sims inspired.


Get a hobby and increase your skills!

Once you purchase Community Center at the upper left most corner of your town, you will have the opportunity to get a get a hobby and increase your skillshobby for your Sims. Doing any hobbies will not only make your Sims inspired and happy overall, it also has a potential to reward you with both Simoleons as well as LifeStyle points.

It can get pretty fun as well to perform and improve your skills as a:


  • Fashion designer;
  • Ghost hunter;
  • Martial artist;
  • Skateboarder;
  • Painter;
  • as well as many other hobbies…


Getting a hobby and participating in those events is a perfect marriage of useful and interesting and it is one of my personally favorite pastimes in this game so give it a shot.

Spice up your life with a little bit of friendly competition!

Once you go to the Competition Center, it becomes possible to compete with other Sims which can earn you extra LifeStyle points as well is additional experience. The before mentioned hobbies are also available for competition so you can now dance, fight and in other ways compete against others participating in your hobby of choice.

The competition takes 12 hours and you have to manually select the Sim and assign them to compete in the specific discipline of your choosing. You will have a higher chances of emerging victorious the higher your skills at the specific hobby are which in turn provides you with bigger and better rewards as well as increased chance of obtaining it.


Watch the advertisement videos and follow social media for free LifeStyle point in The Sims FreePlay.

If you go to the menu where you usually buy your LifeStyle points and then tap on the banner which reads “free”, you’ll be given an option to watch a promotional video which will earn you a single LifeStyle point once the video ends. It is important to sit through and watch the entire video because if you cancel it prematurely, you won’t be getting anything.

Do not rely on this method too much because a single LifeStyle point won’t really get you anywhere however, repeatedly doing this is very much time-consuming but also impossible in the long runs because the amount of videos that you can watch at any given time is limited.

What you should do instead is to come back occasionally and watch a couple of videos when you are thinking about what you should do next with the game or your life for that matter. Basically, do it between your regular pastimes in this game.

follow the sims freeplay on social media too


You can also follow The Sims FreePlay on social media and keep an eye out for special promotions and giveaways that will happen every once in a while. For example, liking the Facebook page of The Sims FreePlay will notify you every time that there is a new event. This way you’re making sure that you won’t miss anything important giving you an additional opportunity to earn Simoleons, LifeStyle points as well as a variety of different useful and cool items this way.


Miscellaneous actions that can earn LifeStyle Points and Simoleons?

There are some miscellaneous things that you can do in The Sims FreePlay which will frequently reward you with either Simoleons or LifeStyle points and I am going to quickly list them here so you can try them on if you’re looking for more ways to get these two currencies quickly.


Driving around

Driving around in a car can be fun but it can also earn you both money as well as LifeStyle points. Make sure to tap on the music notes as they appear during these sequences and you will earn money by doing this. Sometimes it is possible to get a LifeStyle point if you’re lucky enough, although I wouldn’t make it my primary practice for getting the night or of the two currencies. Still, it is a legitimate way and it is indeed possible to gain both of them this way so it’s good to know.


Cleaning up the mess after your Sims

clean the mess after your sims

Believe it or not, making your Sims wet their pants on purpose can earn you some additional points. Whenever they soil their underwear and you clean it for them, you’ll be rewarded with a small amount of points.

Another naughty thing that you can do is to shake your device and make your Sims throw up. Once they vomit, you will have the opportunity to clean up the mess that they have made which will also grant you a small amount points.

Now there’s not any particular reason, but I don’t really like doing this. It feels to abusive for my taste and in addition, performing it too often will result in your device freezing up and locking you away from the game so, use it sparingly and only if you absolutely have to.


Do not waste your Simoleons and LifeStyle points in The Sims FreePlay!

Similar to real-life situations, you should be smart when it comes to currencies and money. What I am trying to say is that you shouldn’t spend your money no matter how you earned it on things that you’re not going to use. Just like in real life, having a budget is the key to success and given the fact that the Sims is practically a life simulator, the rules pretty much apply in the game as well. Therefore, you should:


  • Save the items that can be reused.
    For example, having a baby grown up doesn’t mean that you have to sell the cradle. Put it in an inventory and save it for the next time you have a newborn. Rather than cashing out and purchasing a brand-new cradle (which has no point whatsoever) you can just reuse the old one and it is going to be just as functional as if you were to buy a brand new one.
  • Get ready for rainy days by saving up enough LifeStyle points because some of the tasks within the game will require you to spend those in order to complete the task at hand. Playing strategically and planning ahead is a good way to progress in this game but also to earn back some LifeStyle points because completing these special tasks will occasionally grant you more LifeStyle points than you’ve invested into completing them in the first place.


And the last thing that I want to add up his to be careful how you spend your real-life money. Yes, it can be tempting at times to purchase Simoleons and LifeStyle points with a couple of dollars that you might have at the time, but it really pays off to be patient in this game. There is not a thing that you cannot obtain if you follow a set of specific steps or consult a guide or two. The game is free to play and yes, it does have its restrictions, but it is also fair and allows you to get everything with enough patience and diligence so, try not to spend your (or someone else’s) hard-earned money on the game.


Advancing as well as upgrading yourself is another nice way to earn Simoleons and LifeStyle points in The Sims FreePlay.

Just like performing various actions within the game, improving yourself and everything that revolves around you in this game will be beneficial for both your progress and your wallet along the way.

While these methods are not as diverse and numerous as actions that you can perform, they come with a benefit of its own. First off, you will eventually stumble upon and trigger one of these whether you want to or not so it is basically a nice added bonus as you go and who doesn’t like that?

Some of the examples of these advancements and upgrades are as follows…


Leveling up in The Sims FreePlayleveling up in the sims freeplay

Naturally, when you level up you are going to get some LifeStyle points as well as money alongside other possible rewards. There are multiple ways to level up and sooner or later, it is going to happen with or without your influence.

However, do not expect these things to happen overnight because leveling up and completing milestones will take a significant amount of time. Leveling up is the essence in pretty much every game and The Sims FreePlay is not any different.

Leveling up comes with a different set of benefits of its own regardless of free money and LifeStyle points. Some of these benefits include building houses, businesses as well as workplaces and all of these will increase your land value and further improve your money earning potential. It goes without saying that leveling up should be something to look forward to and something that should be manipulated and invested in whenever possible.

Advice that I can give you is to go for the tasks that take a lot of time to complete. These tasks will generally earn you a lot more experience which helps you level up faster and more passively.


Complete the game goals for a chance to earn all different kinds of rewards.

There are a lot of goals in this game and you’ve undoubtedly completed a fair share of yours already. What you might of missed is that these goals will usually reward you with all different kinds of useful items (or not that useful depending on what you’re after and what you value).

Goals can involve everything from getting a job, increasing your level or stepping up your business plan to collecting and paying taxes, playing with your pets or some rather specific, hobby related goals. Basically anything, in the exact meaning of the word.

What’s constant about these goals is that they will always earn you money, experience as well as LifeStyle points. They will keep changing every time you complete a current set and the new goals will be added to the game regularly so, make sure you check back as often as possible.


Increase your land value to increase LifeStyle Points earned.

Basically, proportional to your land value you’re going to increase the LifeStyle points that you earn. Build more houses, improve and introduce new businesses to your town and allow for new workplaces to flourish. All of these factors combined will increase your land value thus allowing you to gain more LifeStyle points more easily.

Also, living your life to its fullest and increasing the value of each individual property in your town will also increase your lens value. So basically, you want to buy the most expensive furniture, cars and to live as luxurious as you possibly can with your available funds. This is not spending your money for no particular game, no. This is actually an investment into your land value that is going to pay off eventually so, you might as well start doing it right now.

increase your land value in the sims freeplay game

The Sims FreePlay Simoleons and LifeStyle Points guide – Conclusion

And there you have it. After reading these guides, you should have significantly less trouble getting both LifeStyle points as well as Simoleons for your game account. Now, let me tell it to you straight away that this is not everything that there is to this game and that there are additional ways through which you can profit and increase your income of both of the aforementioned currencies.

I’m not going to list absolutely everything in this game guide because that would take a lot of time and to tell you honestly, it is kind of pointless. What I’ve listed here are tested, the most effective and efficient ways in which you can farm currencies with as little possible involvement and time consumption on your end.

If you think that I’ve missed something important or if I have made a statement you believe is false, do not hesitate to contact me through the comment section below. I will personally go through all of the comments and try to reply to as many of you as I possibly can so make sure to tell me what you think about this and if there are any eventual mistakes made in the process.

Thanks for being such an awesome community and don’t forget to keep rising.

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