How to Upgrade Your Base With Oak Trees, Steel in Last Day On Earth

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In a game as deep and complex as the Last Day On Earth is, there is always something new to learn and focus on. You will have to pass through many guides and study them carefully in addition to sinking in a couple of hundreds of hours into the game yourself and figuring a couple of things on your own.

Yes, it is that big of a game and yeah, there’s no easy way around it. Those seeking to master it will have to sit down and learn how to do that starting from the very basics. At this point, have already covered a lot of primary concerns about this game. Stuff like how to get some water and cloth for yourself, how to most efficiently survive through the zombie horde  and where and how to get weapons to do just that.

If you are a newcomer, it’s just giving a thorough look and a long read to all of those guides because they are all closely connected and one without the other can only get you so far. Survival is the core play of this game and all of these things combined will greatly contribute to your survival factor by increasing the odds of surviving the night and living to see the next dawn. Perhaps after some reading, it doesn’t have to be your last day on earth.


Oak and Steel are particularly tricky to get in Last Day on Earth

get oak and steel quick and easyAs you are growing in power and your level increases, sooner or later you’ll be going towards the maximum. As you approach that threshold, you will begin to notice that manycraftable items from upgrades and traps to weapons and other useful things will start asking for larger and larger quantities of both oak and steel.

The weirdest thing here is that these items are not actually in the game as of yet. Yeah, that’s right. There is no way for you to get these items right now however, the mechanics for procuring those items have already been decided and it’s just a matter of day before the next update arrives and allows us to use the items that we already have two procure both oak and steel and use it to our advantage.

Simply because they haven’t been added into the game, it doesn’t mean that the means necessary for obtaining them in the future (that is hopefully the near future) have been left out as well. They haven’t. It goes without saying that the players who know what items and methods are going to be awarding them with these resources will have the most advantage over the other players who didn’t care that much to get themselves informed and see how they can do it on their own.

If you want to be the first among the Last Day on Earth players who will be proud owners of things like radio towers, home brewery and while traps, I have just what you need right here.


How to get a hold of Oak Planks in Last Day on Earth: Survival?stumble upon the oak wood

One of the most sought out resources on the high level and one of the impossible ones to get as of right now is the oak. Oak wood simply does not exist in the Last Day on Earth at this moment. There are pine groves and pine bushes, there is also pine wood were the player can procure large amounts of pine logs. Following this logic, the player would think that the oak logs that you so very much need for crafting those high level things have to be procured in a similar manner by finding oak bushes, groves and by stumbling upon the Oak wood.

If you were to follow this logic, you would be absolutely right. That is how things work and if you ask me, this is how they should work in real life and in the game. However, there is a slight problem here. The problem is that these locations are not even accessible to the players yet and there is absolutely no way for you to get Oaks wood as of this moment.


What you can do to prepare for the oak harvesting once it’s available?

This is a different matter whatsoever. The moments of oak harvesting is nigh, it is so close that everyone can feel it. It is best to perform some tasks and get prepared for this moment when it finally arrives in order to be able to quickly harvest all of the oaks for yourself without having to worry about pesky interruptions.

In order to do that, you’ll have to assemble an ATV. There is an ATV in this game and you can pick up the blueprint for it after you had the level 18. It requires two crafting points to added to your list of note blueprints and after you have done this, you will almost be able to get it up and running.

Almost. I say this with a very good reason. Even though you can get pretty much every crafting parts needed for you to craft your ATV, there is one rather elusive part. In fact, this part is far from elusive it is yet another thing that is missing from the game at this particular moment.

It’s not enough that the other resources required to make this vehicle are very hard to come by. Most of you will keep trying just to fail times and times again but the persistent ones among you will eventually succeed… to a point.

The ATV transmission is the part that’s hardest to get. You might be asking yourselves why? Because it is another item that cannot be obtained. It simply does not exist in no matter what you do, you can’t get your hands on it as of right now. Well, perhaps you could use some cheats and hope to get what you’re looking for the then again, if that’s the path you want to take, why not go for the oak and steel in the first place?

Anyway, as soon as you obtain the ATV as it becomes available, you will be able to quickly go to the Oak wood areas and from there you will (most likely) going to be able to obtain Oak planks by harvesting oak from bushes and groves in similar, if not exactly the same manner as you do with the pines.


How to find Steel in last Day on Earth?

Steel is a little bit different. When it comes to Oak wood it is fairly easy to tell that in order to get the oak plank, you will have to chomp down on Oak wood or collect the timber from the tree. The place where you can do this are of course the oak woods.

find steel in steel woodsWhen it comes to steel, you cant simply go to steel woods and look for the steel bars growing on the trees. That’s not how it works. The one thing that they do have in common is that neither steel nor oak are in the game at this very moment. Yeah, big surprise…

Two how are you supposed to get it?

You’re not. Not for now at least. The players are speculating that one of the upcoming patches, steel as a resource will become available and that you will be able to obtain it by melting down items that are clearly made out of metal.

Another popular theory is that the game will feature steel scraps. In addition to normal scraps, these steel scraps can be refined into the precious material which will be usable when you complete the refinement process.

To prepare for these theories, you might want to stack up on objects that you think are made out of steel. So the weapons with a metallic tip, surplus weaponry and similar stuff might gain a completely new purpose with the upcoming patch.

Additionally, many players seem to believe that steel will become another thing that you can lift from chests, lockers and crates were even AI players just like the regular scrap. Who knows?


Some appliances for oak and steel that you should get ready for an keep in mind.

Once they become available, you should know how you can use the there are quite a number of blueprints that require both oak and steel and more are most definitely to come with the official release of the resources. Even though you most certainly know about these objects since the blueprints have been available for purchase for quite a while now, the purpose of these devices and items might not be clear for everyone so let us quickly go over them while we wait for the update.


  • The radio tower
    You know what a radio tower is, of course you do but did you know that after you build one in the Last Day on Earth you will be able to group up with other players, joined different factions and / or engage in all different kinds of multiplayer actions. Pretty cool!
  • The gunsmith bench
    Gunsmith bench will allow the player to create weapon parts and perhaps even some special weapons and upgrades that you can use to gain an advantage over your opponent. A personal speculation of mine is that this particular object will be absolutely invaluable to everyone who wants to advance in this gameprepare glock 17 for oak and steel harvest
  • Glock 17
    We’re all familiar with the Glock at this point. Some players even own this piece already since it’s available as a part of the random loot for looting random objects. The rest of you have seen it in various action movies and other popular video games. A great choice of weaponry for every survivor.
  • Clan banner
    Used to display your clans insignia and make your allegiance with the certain community publicly available. Let the people know who your rolling with once this part of the game unlocks and becomes publicly available. Represents!
  • Tripwire traps
    I have a feeling that these are going to become an invaluable asset when defending against the upcoming zombie horde. Time will tell.
  • Bear traps
    This is an alternative to tripwire. It mostly comes to personal preference as both of the traps are going to inflict damage when triggered but, if I had to speculate, I would say that the bear traps are most likely to pin your enemies in place for some time.
  • Home brewery
    If we are to believe the description provided in the game, this handy device can be used to make beer. Now I don’t know how beer is significant for survivors, but if I had speculate I would say that it has to do something with stress relief and most definitely the aspect of hydration.
  • Trunk
    An increased storage for up to 24 items is a nice addition compared to what we have at the moment. It is nice to see that the existing items are getting upgraded as well.
  • Torture device
    I have to be completely honest with you and tell you straight away that I have no freaking idea what this object will do. The description clearly says that it is meant for torturing your captives although the meaning of this remains completely cryptic to me. Once again, if I were to speculate I would say that it has something to do with the multiplayer aspect and capturing a member of the enemy faction.
  • Fishing rod
    Used to catch fish. It is still not disclosed how fishing will work in game, but I’m very glad that the developers have chosen to implement this aspect to survival. In addition to hunting, fishing is the fundamental of survival and will undoubtedly enrich the gaming experience.

More items are most definitely going to be added when the resources are released. Until then, we can only wait and hope that something cool. We shall see…

Until then, read the guides, study the game and keep rising!

use our guide and keep rising

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