Last Day On Earth Water and Cloth Guide. How to get the easily?

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Just like in many other survival games, you will have to take care of your primary biological needs like hydration and nutrition. You will have to protect yourself from the environment by clothing yourself and some of the protective layers of clothing that you can scrape up along the way or fashion yourself. From the start, this can be overwhelming to new players and if you are one of them, you have probably found yourself dying of thirst without even knowing what you can do to prevent this.

Fear not, I’ve realized many of you are having this problem and are finding the game to be especially difficult at the beginning. Because of that, I have already made an article covering all of the basic things including some tips and tricks for the newcomers. You can find that article as well as the game hack that will make all of you troubles go away if you so choose to.


But there are some things that remain unexplained.

Apparently most of you are having problems with procuring a steady supply of clean, drinkable water. At have to explain why water is crucial in a survival game so just go right on to the explanation of the process behind getting purified water for yourself.

Additionally, clothing seems to be troubling you as well.

Clothing is essential in this game as it provides extra layers of protection for your character. Character without proper clothes can be easily taken down by the horde for other players especially. This is why it is rather important to have protective garments on you at all times. This makes knowing how to get crafting parts for these items even more crucial for the game.


How to get a lot of drinkable water in Las Day on Earth: Survival?

Since water is definitely more necessary than clothing, let’s take a look at it first. Without the water you cannot survive for more than three days. This basically means that as soon as you start a game and you’ve taken care of the most basic tasks you should start looking for water. There are couple of ways that you can get what you need and I am going to list the ones that I find solutions to this problem.


#1 – Build a rain catcher so you always have enough water.

This is the best possible solution. Constructing the rain catcher for yourself will allow you to have enough drinkable water whenever you needed. The only problem with this is that you will need level 6 to to actually be able to do it as the schematic for a rain catcher requires it.

This means that you will have to look into the other two methods before you are able to construct your first rain catcher. The reason why I’m putting this as a method number one is because they want to prepare you for the moment. To be able to construct a rain catcher of your own, make sure you pick up these resources during your travels.


  • Two units of scrap metalrain catcher in Last Day On Earth
  • Tree pieces of cloth
  • Ten units of pine logs


Once you’ve built it, you will need some empty bottles. These bottles are used to collect water that is draining down the rain catcher. After some period of time you will get a bottled water. Quite contrary to the popular belief, it doesn’t even have to be raining for the rain catcher to do its thing making this method of getting water fairly reliable.


#2 – You have some water with you!

Now, believe it or not a huge portion of the players never realizes that they have some drinkable water with them from the start of the game. The game actually gives you three bottles of water at the very beginning.

You will have to open your inventory and consume the water if you need to. Three bottles may not sound like much to some, but if you have any idea what you’re doing, it’s going to last you until you get either a rain catcher or find some additional water supplies.


#3 – Cointainers in every zone of Last Day on Earth: Survival can have water in them!

Basically what this means that you can always loot water. Start by looking around the starting area. Although it is highly unlikely that you find any water here, the areas that you go to the next are more than likely to have a plenty of water in them.

There are specific areas it had been reported to be good for “water harvesting”. These areas are:


  • The alpha bunker
  • Plane crash sites
  • Enemy player basis


However, this is very unreliable and that’s why it is listed as a number three method on this list. Nothing guarantees you that you will get water even though you probably well. Just be cautious when exploring these areas as you can easily die during your search for water


Now that you know how to procure water for yourself, let’s take a look at how you can get some protective layers of clothing to save you from the environmental hazards as well as zombies and other player attacks.

Getting cloth and crafting clothing in Last Day on Earth: Survival!

Of course there are many other materials other than cloth but since the cloth is essential and available from the beginning, I’ll only cover this particular material. As you learn to do things with cloth, the other ones come into place naturally making the mastery of cloth and sewing one of the most important topics to tackle as early as possible.

But don’t let it fall you, cloth is not as weak as you might think. It can be used to craft T-shirts, yeah but you can also make a SWAT suit with it. Not to mention bandages and other extremely useful items that you get from this specific crafting method.

Here are some ways to get cloth for yourself.


#1 – Pick it up from random drops

get piece of clothThis is easy, right. The game uses random list system to grant you all kinds of different items and the cloth is one of them. The only downside to this method is that the loot rewards are completely random. This basically means that you either have tons of it or if you are unlucky enough, you won’t get any.

Interacting with pine bushes will allow you to loot fibers that can be used to create cloth.

Some containers have increased odds of dropping cloth, like zombies. When you kill a zombie make sure you loot the corpse and pick up the cloth if it has it on it.


As long as you are not incredibly unlucky person, you should have enough cloth to get you by.


#2 – You can craft it!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, cloth is tractable after all.

You however you can only do that after you’ve reached a level 18 as you need the access to sewing table. This table will sewing table in last day on earth survivalallow you to turn fibers into pieces of cloth and then if you want to you can turn those cloth pieces into thick fabric. Pretty interesting transmutation.

To get the sewing table you will need to have:


  • 20 units of pine planks;
  • 15 units of iron bars;
  • and five rubber parts to seal the deal.


Yes, this is a steep price to pay considering that you’re going to be just level 18 when you are going to build your first sewing table but, trust me when I say that this is not a waste of resource. It is an investment and the one that will help you so much that you’re not even aware of the magnitude at this moment.


Water and Cloth in Last Day on Earth: Survival – Conclusion

So now that you have an idea how to get cloth and water for yourself in the game, you should be much closer to feeling carefree. Of course, that’s never going to happen and you will always have something to worry about in this game.

If you have water, you’re going to need food and if you have cloth you’re probably going to need weapons but hey, that is what survival games are all about. If you have everything you need in this game, it probably wouldn’t qualify as a survival. The part of feeling weak, vulnerable and underequipped is a part of the game.

Still, you are going to be better equipped for surviving the zombie horde’s, so go out there and show them what you’re made of!


And don’t forget guys, I want to hear what you think about this article. I want to know if it was good and if I provided you with useful tips and tricks. Don’t hold anything back and let me know if I messed it up. Your feedback is crucial for my improvement. I help you, you help me and that way we get to rise together!

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