Are There Any Games Similar to Jurassic World the Game?

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If you’ve been playing Jurassic World the Game from the moment it first came out for your smart phone, chances are that you’re getting slightly bored of the game. There’s nothing wrong with, it happens all the time.

You are probably owning a park that has absolutely everything that you can possibly have. If you’re one of the people who went all out in this game and used some of the online tools to gain certain advantages, the fun factor is probably even weaker, if not entirely gone for you.


I know because I felt the same way on a number of occasions with not just Jurassic World: The Game but also with other games over the years that I’ve spent significant amount of time on.

Sometimes it’s important to take a break from what you’re doing. It is also important to experiment a little bit and try new things from time to time.

This is why I have searched for a while and prepared this list of games that are similar to Jurassic World: The Game in both theme and setting or gameplay elements.


Games similar to Jurassic World The Game by theme and setting

Naturally, if you’re looking for a game that’s similar to Jurassic World The Game, perhaps the most obvious place to start looking is within the Jurassic franchise itself. For all those of you who love dinosaurs and the setting of remote tropical islands, all of these games have that in common.

And you would be surprised how big this franchise actually is. Jurassic games have been present on older console generations since the very beginning of 3D graphics gaming and they haven’t really lost any popularity since then. Fair share of these games found its way to PC as well, long before mobile devices were even considered as a valid platform for video games. Because of that we have one of the coolest and probably fan favorite game Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.


Operation Genessis – A grandfather of Jurassic World: The Game

If what you like about Jurassic World the Game is its simulator side that allows you to construct a park with dinosaurs, Operation Genesis is the game for you.

Released nearly 15 years ago, this rather successful strategy game was considered as a huge success among theme park games. Despite its old age, this classic still manages to keep us both occupied and immersed as it doesn’t lack neither in gameplay nor visual aspects.

Fight of two dinosaurs is Jurassic world operation genesis

Differences between the two

The main difference between these two games is the fact that Operation Genesis doesn’t have a dinosaur dueling present within the Jurassic World The Game. However, what it lacks duels is easily compensated by the depth of the same parts of the game.

Compared with the mobile title, the classic game is incomparably better as a theme park simulator. There are so many more choices and aspects that define success or failure of your Jurassic Park.

Other than the incomparably deeper simulator aspect, operation Genesis also allows you to perform all kinds of different actions. From terraforming and in-depth park management to interacting with tourist attractions and exhibits, you’re free to act as the founder, manager and a visitor of your park, all at the same time.


More dinosaur themed games like Jurassic World The Game?

Basically anything with Jurassic in its name that you can dig up will do the trick. This means that the game is following a specific theme, the one with dinosaurs in remote islands. However, the gameplay mechanics may vary.

Some of the titles are strategies and simulators like the previously mentioned game. Others will focus on action and shooting which doesn’t really do any justice to Jurassic World the Game.

If gameplay variations are not something you are concerned about, then checking out pretty much every game with the above-mentioned prefix will do its job. As for the games with similar gameplay like Jurassic World: the Game, there are plenty of those as well.


Games with gameplay similar to Jurassic World: The Game

As I’ve already mentioned in one of my previous posts, Jurassic Park Builder is a similar game. Although I focused on the differences back then, the games are in fact pretty similar even though they are two different entries in this franchise. But don’t worry, this is far from being the only game similar to Jurassic World the Game.


A whole strategy sub-gere of similar games

There is a whole sub genre of these kinds of strategy games to be exact. To anyone who ever played Dragon City or Dragon Mania Legends, this is pretty apparent. These games allow you to build your fantasy theme park of sorts filled with all kinds of magical creatures that you get to take care of and train for battle.

Some of these games have specific and different gameplay aspects and pretty much none of them are dinosaur themed however, dragons and dinosaurs are both pretty similar if you think about it. They’re both cold-bloded reptilian creatures with many variations and subspecies and some of them can fly.


Who do you think would win?

Free to play games with dragons and dinosaurs

The magic aspect is what sets them apart but if you’re looking for gameplay wise similarities, this shouldn’t be something that will bother you. Speaking strictly of gameplay, these games are very much alike if you’ve enjoyed playing with Jurassic World the Game you are most definitely going to enjoy either one of these games.


Free to play and not demanding at all!

The best thing about these games is the they are more than available for smart phones. They can be played on older phones as well as newer ones and they are mostly free to download and play with in app purchases available.

The games are also an excellent alternative for everyone who loves the gameplay aspects of Jurassic World the Game but simply lacks the powerful enough smart phone/tablet to run it.

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