How to Get Extra Energy in Kim Kardashian Hollywood for Free

Extra energy for Kim Kardashian Hollywood players

If you play this game for a while, you know exactly what’s valuable in it. But even if you play it for just a couple of minutes, you realize that energy is absolutely precious. It is the lifeblood of this game and without it you can’t even play. That’s not even an exaggeration.

If your energy depletes, you won’t be able to perform basic actions in this game. It’s the only and all of the reason you need to make sure that you always have some energy saved up when you want to play.


Gain and lose energy over and over againenergy icon from the game

Yes, the energy will replenish over time and you can always choose to wait for a couple of minutes, or hours. But if you really want to play the game right now, you need to find a steady income of energy which can prove to be trickier than it sounds.

Sometimes, you might even lose energy due to some misfortunate events in the game. For example, once the game crashed for me right before I was about to finish a task that I’ve already put some work into. Not only that it took me time for the task to complete but I’ve also spent around 40 energy points to see it through. And then the game crashed. The next time I logged in, my progress was totally nullified. Great…

Because of this and many other possible scenarios, it is very important to know how to get free energy bars for free in Kim Kardashian Hollywood.


Trade free K stars for additional energy

Just recently I’ve explained how to easily get a hold of K stars in Kim Kardashian Hollywood. You can consult that article and read about the ways to get K stars for free in this game. After you save up some stars, you can then exchange them for additional energy.

Of course, it’s not that easy to save up K stars in the first place but then again, there are certain methods like watching the advertisement which will give you the opportunity to exchange some easy to get K stars for a burst of energy when you need it the most!

You can always cheat to get free K stars, but then again, you can use the same cheat to get free energy as well.


Tap! Tap! And Tap some more!

Everything you tap in the game world can give you energy! So go on and tap on every single thing that you see! Birds like seagulls and pigeons, newspaper kiosks, plants, bottles, fire hydrants, tap them all!

Not only will they give you the “lightning bolts” that you’re after, you might get dollars as well as some extra experience. So just tap on everything when you need some extra energy or something else for that matter.


Objects in Kim Kardashian game won’t always reward you with energy points

Eventually you will memorize exactly which object can be used as a goodie dispenser. Considering that there are like three of them in every city, it’s not that hard to memorize. It is also important that you realize it these objects do not have to give you any energy points.

Just because a fire hydrant dropped energy once, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to do so every time you tap on it. Furthermore, it going to take some time for it to “restock” on goods meaning that you can just go ham and tap the poor thing with all of your fingers at once.

It’s an easy game, but not that easy.


Be on the move when hunting for energy!

Sometimes when you are attending a specific event, it’s cool to leave in the middle of it to get more energy. Club appearances can be pretty demanding so you will need to be “equipped for the job”.

It is very important to refill your energy when you’re out clubbing. You can do this by exchanging one of your games currencies for another. For example, shelling out some in game cash for a plane ticket to another place that has an object that you know can spawn energy points is risky but potentially worthy and fair trade.


be on the move all the time

Try to remember what areas you’ve recently pillaged through

This is important because the objects need to “restock”.

For instance, you’ve just been to Beverly Hills and you have tapped on an object there we gave you some cash and a lightning bolt. Your next stop is say, LAX where you go with the sole purpose of finding some more energy. You get there, you interact with some objects and then you move on. Guess where you don’t go next. Back to Beverly Hills, of course.

Instead go somewhere else. Take a plane ticket and fly to Paris for instance. Try to randomize your search for energy and never spam the same object over and over again. Ideally, visit every single location around the world and interact with all of the objects before you start another circle.

Doing this will not only increase your chances of getting what you want but also allow the objects to restock and get back to business.

Don’t forget to Level Up!

Of course, leveling up is always an option as well. If you think about it, leveling up in Kim Kardashian Hollywood game is good for just about anything. It awards you free K stars, it gives you specific bonuses, unlocks new things and of course refills your energy. Completely!

And not only that but, every time you level up your maximum energy capacity will increase. So the more you level up, the more actions you will be able to perform with just a single bar of energy. Leveling up should be our priority whatsoever but, if you are in a need of more energy, this is also one of the options to get it.

Get free energy in Kim Kardashian Hollywood – Conclusion

Alright, that’s about it for today.

To tell the truth guys, I’m slightly getting bored with this game and I’m already thinking about doing something else. I think we’ve covered most of the ground when it comes to this game and that if we’ve missed something, probably it’s for the best. You want to do something yourself after all, don’t you?

Let me know if I got this one right and course, tell me what’s the next thing that you want to read about? Until we meet again, keep rising!

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