Elder Scrolls Online – Liked Skyrim? Give ESO a Try!

If you didn’t have enough of Elder Scrolls franchise after playing Skyrim, try Elder Scrolls Online!

This is something a little bit different than your regular TES game though. They were mostly single player RPG’s excluding the PVP of Redguard and Battlespire. This game is different, although it is an Elder Scrolls game it is also an MMO. Some of you might hate to hear this, but this game isn’t exactly Skyrim Online. If you’re a hardcore Skyrim fanboy we suggest you skip this one. If, however, you genuinely enjoy The Elder Scrolls series, then stick around and hear us out.

First of all you should approach this game as an MMO, not as Skyrim Online, as we’ve already said. Secondly, this game, despite being an MMO, offers a quite unique solo experience due to the game’s main story. Combat mechanics could be better, but they are good as far as we’re concerned. The graphics and the sounds in the game are amazing, you will feel like you are playing a TES game. The community is friendly and helpful, and this is a big plus considering it is Elder Scrolls ONLINE after all.

This was a quick summary of the game, but we haven’t even scratched the surface!


Elder Scrolls Online – ESO Gameplay

What’s really good about this game is that most of the aspects of a TES game have been transferred to an MMO. That said, when we said most, we mean most and not all.

You can pick most of the items off the ground and take them. You can steal the property of NPCs, pickpocket them and murder them. Be careful not to generate a huge bounty since these actions are not tolerated and guards WILL attack you.

You can own a house, craft items for it, and decorate it as you wish. Most of the houses are quite expensive though and you should choose them carefully. You can place your mounts there and you can invite your friends over so they can check the house out.

You can own various types of mounts, although you will have to pay real money for the exotic ones. Most of them don’t offer anything except for their unique model and colors. You can even feed your mount on daily basis to enhance some of it’s attributes.

You can play exactly how you want. We mean it when we say this. The ‘class’ you choose at the start doesn’t really define your character. Since you are not restricted from using certain weapons and armor types while playing a certain class, the possibilities are endless!

You can explore Tamriel however you wish since the level scaling update. You are not limited to certain zones (Except for the DLC ones). Be careful when entering Cyrodiil since that is a PVP zone and there are some strong players out there.

Dungeons and Trials are mainly for PVE oriented players, but all are welcome to try it. The boss fights – especially on higher difficulties are amazing. The mechanics are unique and better than most MMOs we played to be honest. However Trials are reserved for the best and they will require some time to beat, as well as Veteran Dungeons.

This video summarizes it quite well:


Should I Play Elder Scrolls Online? – ESO Plus and Crown Store

By now you probably have made up your mind about this game. If you have, then it’s time to talk about the payments required to play. The game has a Buy-to-Play revenue model meaning you will only have to pay once to play the original game…However there is a Crown Store in which you can buy certain items for customization or appearance change. You can make purchases in Crown Store via Crowns that are bought with real money. There are also DLC and Chapters that are bought separately.

This brings us to ESO Plus. ESO plus allows you to have all DLCs unlocked for the duration of your subscription. You also get benefits such as:

  • 1500 Crowns per month
  • Access to Craft Bag which helps you store much more than a free user
  • Costume Dyeing
  • Double amount of furnishings and collectibles you can place in your homes
  • Double bank space
  • 10% increase to experience, inspiration, research and gold acquisition rates

These benefits are made to be useful buy not game breaking. Elder Scrolls Online definitely isn’t a Pay-to-Win game, Zenimax made sure of that.

Since you can get the original game for about 20$ (even less at places like g2a.com etc.) ESO is considered to be one of the cheapest MMOs out there considering the amount of content you get for that amount of money.

In conclusion you are waiting anxiously for the new TES game and need more Elder Scrolls content, and you genuinely enjoy MMOs than you’ve found the right game for you! If you however expect Skyrim 2 Online you will not be satisfied. We’ve given you some basic info and hope to have helped you make the right decision!

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