About Us

It’s about time we introduced ourselves…

Hey, whats up players, this is ROG Team and we would like to give a shout out to you guys and properly introduce ourselves in case anybody cares who the heads behind this little website of ours are. Here we go!

my pic!

Hey there, I’m Anthony Roberts and I’m the man responsible for the techy side of things.

I had a (pretty short) career in online marketing but have ultimately decided that it was not something that I would like to do as a full-time job. During the time I was studying all different kinds of marketing approaches and plans but most importantly, I’ve somewhat familiarized myself with the website design and maintenance.

Surprisingly, this turned out to be much more interesting than I have initially anticipated. There was something so mesmerizing about the code…

Okay, I went too far, it’s not funny. Anyway guys, I’m looking forward to maintaining and improving the site and I hope you like what I have in store for you. If there’s some technical issue with the site, you know who to blame 😉



Hey! Curtis Austin is the name and I am the one who will be writing all the gaming related articles for ROG!

Long story short, gaming is my passion. It is my hobby and there’s nothing I like doing more than spending free time with some of my games. I have a huge game collection and I have played hundreds of games throughout my life so I kind of have a pretty good idea what I’m writing about.

I was never exclusive to one platform and have in fact played on many different platforms. Lately, I consider myself primarily to be a PC gamer but that doesn’t mean that my PlayStation is collecting dust either. Furthermore, I’ve discovered some really cool mobile games and I’m looking forward to telling you everything about it in my future posts. So stay tuned to ROG and don’t miss a single story! Ta-ta!



Greetings ROGlings, my name is Declan Anderson.

Similar to my fellow Anthony, I have always liked to play with the code. However, it was a different kind of relationship. While my friend was interested about creating his own thing, I was always more fascinated with the possibility of breaking and manipulating other peoples codes. Sounds weird, but it’s just so much fun to do for me. Can’t really explain it. It’s just like a hobby for me.

When I teamed with the rest of the ROG crew, we have immediately realized that the three of us all have a unique sets of skills and experiences that would be really cool to pair up and create a gaming website. Soon enough, we will have the opportunity to see whether or not this was a good idea. Until then, stay with us and perhaps even send us some feedback about the site?



So now that you’ve met the crew, we can move on.

You can expect to see original game related content on this website provided by all three of us. We also plan to recruit more people so that we can cover more ground and provide you with an unbiased opinions on video games and similar matters.

We are currently thinking mainly about video game reviews and recommendations. It’s something Curtis is rather capable of doing. He’s been “reviewing” games in his spare time over a cup of coffee with his friends anyway without anyone asking for it for a long time now so why not put it to a written form. Call it a sort of memo if you like 🙂

Speaking of games and game reviews…

If it just so happens that the game is good enough and you would like to (legally) get a hold of it we’ll try to find the best possible deals for you, so you don’t have to look around for it. We shall also bring some of the deals to your attention ever so often if we deem it worthy of your attention.

Those of you that might love the game but find it particularly challenging will find it comforting to know that we will do our best to provide guides and even cheats for those that really need a helping hand. Games that have unfair economy system consisting of tons of micro transactions behind it will also get a treatment of their own.

So what’s not to like?!

Too early to say to be honest. The only way to see is to get on board the ROG train and see for yourself which you should totally do by the way 😉